Grandmother Spider A lawman with a hardy appetite for life and an unshakable faith in the explicable Southern Ute Acting Chief of Police Charlie Moon is not prepared to accept a purely supernatural explanation for the

  • Title: Grandmother Spider
  • Author: James D. Doss
  • ISBN: 9780380803941
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • A lawman with a hardy appetite for life and an unshakable faith in the explicable, Southern Ute Acting Chief of Police Charlie Moon is not prepared to accept a purely supernatural explanation for the recent strange events of April 1 Nevertheless, something carried off Tommy Tonompicket and his unlikely drinking companion, research scientist William Pizinski, in the blackA lawman with a hardy appetite for life and an unshakable faith in the explicable, Southern Ute Acting Chief of Police Charlie Moon is not prepared to accept a purely supernatural explanation for the recent strange events of April 1 Nevertheless, something carried off Tommy Tonompicket and his unlikely drinking companion, research scientist William Pizinski, in the black chill of the Colorado night And something ripped the head off a man outside a lonely cabin in the mountainsd left two large, fanglike punctures in his chest And though Charlie s eccentric old aunt, the shaman Daisy Perika, claims the gargantuan avenging arachnid Grandmother Spider has risen up from the depths of Navajo Lake, the hulking, good natured tribal policeman feels in his gut that this is murder, pure if not simple, and most probably by human hands.

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      375 James D. Doss
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    About “James D. Doss

    1. James D. Doss says:

      James Daniel Doss, recently retired from the technical staff of Los Alamos National Laboratory, now spends most of his time in a small cabin above Taos writing mystery fiction He also travels to the fascinating locations where his stories take place, often camping in remote areas to absorb the impression of an Anasazi ruin, a deep canyon, an arid mesa, or a Sun Dance uscmillan author jamesd

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    1. You need to think twice before you read this book. Have you got yourself a large pile of books you've been meaning to get to? You notice every time you finish one of those books that your pile somehow mysteriously made itself higher? You got a lot of authors you really like, so you been having a really difficult time keeping up? You been swearing to yourself lately about all the money you've been spending on books? And, you can't make eye contact with your spouse, cause you might lose your place [...]

    2. Finallya mystery so outrageous it seems unsolvable without breaking the bounds of reasond a solution outrageous enough to work!! I loved how this book mixed elements of a modern police/detective story with Native American shamanism and even a little of the supernatural. I also enjoyed the characters, especially the old shaman Daisy ,a cranky, fiesty woman with a shrewd sense of humor, and Charlie Moon, the soft-spoken Ute police chief with an appetite for unhealthy food.After Daisy's young charg [...]

    3. If you like Tricia Fields, Michael McGarrity, Craig Johnson, or Tony Hillerman, then you will most likely enjoy reading James Doss. This novel is full of Indian lore and beautifully described scenery of southwest Colorado and New Mexico. Doss combines a good story with a lot of humor and an ending that satisfies a bizarre set of circumstances. This was my first Charlie Moon book, but the sixth in the series. I will definitely read more from Mr. Doss.

    4. Enjoyed Doss's style of writing. Cute, good story, mystery and insight about the Utes and living on a reservation.

    5. I'm backtracking in this series a bit. This is a rather creepy story about an apparent giant spider making off with two people (hence the title--Grandmother Spider is not a very jolly grandmother figure in Ute folklore). Somehow Charlie Moon figures out how these two characters (and they are characters in many senses of that word) were left out in the middle of nowhere--one in the top of a tree!--and why one of them then disappears from the hospital. More important to the series itself are the d [...]

    6. The writing was good (especially the utter lack of cliches) but I found the overall story disappointing. Charlie Moon, the acting police chief of the Ute reservation, investigates reports of a giant spider roaming the landscape and snatching people. Although Moon's Aunt Daisy regularly sees ghosts and other spirits, the reason for the disappearances is decidedly pedestrian. The spider is actually a hot air balloon shaped like an octopus. The driver of a delivery truck, taking a beer break at a l [...]

    7. I do like a good Reservation Cop mystery ala Tony or Anne Hillerman, etc and I especially enjoyed this one for the unexpected humor and quirky suspense. I also enjoyed the snippets of Native American lore that were sprinkled in for good measure. I jumped into the series with this book (the sixth), but I don't think that detracted from my enjoyment of the story and characters. I do plan to go back to the beginning; I'd like to get to know these characters better who seem so at home with themselve [...]

    8. Doss is a gifted writer who writes in a humorous, witty, and wholesome manner. His last gift to us was his final book, of which he barely finished in time- Thank you, Sir. Without any doubt his books are my favorite books of all. Characters are realistic, and developed in a manner in which the reader can find themselves attached to them. The setting is in a beautiful part of our country, and is in part educational, but mostly a darn good read- each and every time. This one in particular keeps on [...]

    9. Charlie Moon, a southern Ute Indian policemen who lives in Southwest Colorado,has received some reports of a giant monster (spider?)as well as some mysterious happenings in his area. Two men had been sitting near Navajo Lake talking and disappeared. One was found miles away in the top of a tree and another one was founf wandering in the forest. Also in the area, a man was found (decapatated) on the back poorch of his vacation home. Moon's Aunt Daisy is a chaman. Daisy has also been seeing spider [...]

    10. The only reason I read this book is the authors name is the same as my uncle, my Mom's brother. It is the 6th book in a series, about Charlie Moon, a Southern Ute lawman on a Southwest Reservation. I enjoyed the how he twisted the mystery in with Ute mythology and his Shaman Aunt's explanation of what was happening. a lot of the dialog is kind of dry, but humorous. I will definitely try and find some of the others in this series and give them a read.

    11. Not bad, expecting something Hillerman-like as the cover states. The relationships seemed a bit, well, forced I guess, but overall a good story, and a truly reasonable (if bizarre) solution out of left field, that I can't imagine many readers figured out before the end. I'll have to read a few more of Mr. Doss's novels before deciding about Daisy and the overall writing, but a good start anyway, sorry I left it unread on my shelf all these years.

    12. This is the 6th book in the series, but the first one I've read about Charlie Moon, a Southern Ute lawman on a Colorado Reservation. I'm giving it 4 stars because I liked the way it integrated the plot solution into Ute beliefs and especially because I liked the interaction between Moon and his white friend, chief of police in another district. The dialog and thought dialog was especially dry and humorous. I will definitely read more of these books if I come across them.

    13. Something big and ugly is terrorizing the Southern Ute area and acting Chief of Police Charlie Moon is on it trail. This has all the twist and turns and humor that any reader could want in a good who-dun-it. There is native American lore and our fisty Aunt Daisy Perika is at her best and has met her match. Love Charlie Moon mysteries and James D Doss is greatly missed.

    14. It's just not a very good book; it's readable and likable enough, but the pretty women are too pretty, the tall men too tall, the coincidences too broad, the machinations too predictable. The best bits are the descriptions of nature. There are some nice friendships and there's some sweet humor, but overall, it's just kind of silly and requires way too much suspension of disbelief.

    15. Acting Ute Tribal Police Chief Charlie Moon investigates a disappearance of two men associated with several sightings and rumors of appearances by a mythological house-size spider goddess. Lots of great humor and cameo roles for his shaman aunt Daisy. Somewhat of a shaggy-dog story but a pleasure nonetheless. Nice to know there are 7 so far in this delightful series.

    16. Is this a Ute tale come to life? Or is it a modern-day mystery that is colored by an old woman's superstitions? All the clues are there, but I was totally baffled until the mystery was solved by acting police chief Charlie Moon in the last few chapters. Humor, good story, good character development (aunt Daisy and Mattie Snyder in particular).

    17. Picked this up in Taos, NM as he is a local author. The book describes as a cross between Tony Hillerman (who I love) and Carl Hiassen, who I sometimes enjoy. I just never really connected to any of the characters in this one, even though I felt Doss was doing his best to make them "quirky." Maybe he just tried too hard. I did, however, enjoy the explanation of the mystery very much.

    18. Mr. Doss is often compared to Tony Hillerman. Maybe they compare the two because of the Native American connection. I think their styles of writing are very different.I really enjoyed this bookand I'm looking forward to reading another one. I was really wondering how they were going to discover a rational reason for so many people seeing a GIANT spider. He managed to do it!

    19. The review says Tony Hillerman meets Carl Hiaason and it's a pretty good description. Funny, fast, clearly grounded in Ute tradition and legends, characters are entertaining, plot is fast, writing stays out of the way. When I finished this I went to BetterBooks and ordered 4 more of the series. Have fun!

    20. Great mix of folklore with totally plausible explanations with humor to boot! Charlie Moon stumbles onto the answer to serious mysteries that look as though a great spider god is rampaging in the Ute reservation land. Loved the story AND the solutions. See how Ute Reservation officer Charlie Moon and his zanie Aunt Daisy fit into the whole picture.

    21. This was an enjoyable mystery. It's a lot like Tony Hillerman, but I liked it better. I loved how it seemed to talk about mysticism, yet ended with everything having a logical solution. It just just a fun book.

    22. I am enjoying the Charlie Moon series by James D. Doss, even though I bristle a little in reaction to his clearly non-Native American preferences (like a Caucasian best friend and blonde girl friend). But Grandmother Spider is a funny and fun read, filled with quirky characters.

    23. Another great entry in this seriesI gave this book five stars because it was well written and the characters were great. I enjoyed the plot, which was suspenseful and unpredictable. I recommend this book to anyone who likes good suspense.

    24. Another great story!! Very amusing, and when you stop laughing and retrace all the clues, you realize at the end that you had the answer all along. The by play between Charlie Moon and his friend Scott Parris adds just the right touch of spice to this series.

    25. I actually stopped reading this book in the first chapter and that never happens, especially with an author who I have previously read. But I could not read this book where the major theme was monster spiders!

    26. When Tony Hillerman passed away and I knew I had no more of his books left to read, I discovered the Charlie Moon stories by James D. Doss. No one can fill the void left by Tony Hillerman, but the stories by Mr. Doss have made their own place in my heart.

    27. A fun, solid mystery mixed with SW American Indian mystery/shamanism. "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." All that mystery served with a Charlie Moon meal - a must read!

    28. I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and/or to read more within the series.My Rating System:* couldn't finish, ** wouldn't recommend, *** would recommend, **** would read again, ***** have read again.

    29. Humorous, who would think a murder mystery could be funnyCreative blend of Native American lore and a modern mystery, definitely worth checking out.

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