A Matter of Character In A Matter of Character by award winning author Robin Lee Hatcher the year is and writing gritty dime novels simply isn t done by a woman So Daphne McKinley smart pretty talented publishes h

  • Title: A Matter of Character
  • Author: Robin Lee Hatcher
  • ISBN: 9780310565345
  • Page: 370
  • Format: ebook
  • In A Matter of Character, by award winning author Robin Lee Hatcher, the year is 1918 and writing gritty dime novels simply isn t done by a woman So Daphne McKinley smart, pretty, talented publishes her rough and tumble books under a male pseudonym But when a newspaperman enlists her aid in restoring his grandfather s good name, Daphne finds herself re examining the In A Matter of Character, by award winning author Robin Lee Hatcher, the year is 1918 and writing gritty dime novels simply isn t done by a woman So Daphne McKinley smart, pretty, talented publishes her rough and tumble books under a male pseudonym But when a newspaperman enlists her aid in restoring his grandfather s good name, Daphne finds herself re examining the power of her words and reconsidering the direction of her life.

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    1. Robin Lee Hatcher says:

      Robin Lee Hatcher discovered her vocation as a novelist after many years of reading everything she could put her hands on, including the backs of cereal boxes and ketchup bottles Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from both American Christian Fiction Writers and Romance Writer of America and the winner of the Christy Award for Excellence in Christian Fiction, the RITA Award for Best Inspirational Romance, and numerous other awards and recognitions, Robin is the author of over 75 novels novellas Her books have been translated into Dutch, French, and Chinese to name a few.Robin enjoys being with her family, spending time in the beautiful Idaho outdoors, reading books that make her cry, and watching romantic movies She and her husband make their home outside of Boise, sharing it with a demanding Papillon puppy named Boo and a persnickety tuxedo cat named Pinky Join her on her Facebook Page facebook robinleehatcher and or Twitter and or her website blog.

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    1. A novel about a novelist. A fun story premise.Daphne McKinley writes under a pseudonym and her dime novels are getting some upset feedback from a man claiming she is defaming the name of his grandfather.Being a writer myself, I enjoyed this novel about a woman in the 20th century, trying to make her way in the world of dime novels. Her determination and love for writing makes her unique in the multitude of books I have read this year. Her relationship with the hero quickly grows from his anger w [...]

    2. There are few books that I would actually like to read again and even fewer series I would like to read again, but the Sisters of Bethlehem Springs series is one I would like to pick up again. This series started strong with A Vote of Confidence and ended even stronger with A Matter of Character. The only bad thing is, now this series is over. I loved getting to know Daphne in this book. Her character is the one I was able to relate to the most and I enjoyed her the most. I was so conflicted whi [...]

    3. This book had a catching plot on the back, and when I picked it up, I was in suspense right away. But then, about 70 pages into the story, the plot started to really drag and by the time I was on page 128, I didn't want to finish it. I skimmed to the end and that was it.Reasons I liked it:-It was about an author.-There was a thrilling begining.-There was a promising romance.Reasons I didn't like it:-The romance was to fickle between obsessing about each others looks in their heads and want to ki [...]

    4. This is a very sweet read. My Rating 4.25.Daphne may be an heiress but she is a down to earth young lady you is happy living in the small Iowa community of Bethlehem Springs in 1918. Most people would thing that a wealthy young woman would want to return to the society circles of the east coast, but not Daphne. She is happy living near her brother and her lovely sister in law. But Daphne’s seemingly simple life hides a secret. She has a secret connection to a popular dime store novel series wh [...]

    5. 1918 she loved writing dime novels, and made a fortune doing so. Then comes one good looking guy set out to find the person who damaged the image of his grandfather,. Did she know when she used the name Rawhide Crawford was this person.or was it just local lore. Tempers fly and makes a good read for the readers.

    6. Another good book by Robin Lee Hatcher. It wrapped up the three-book series well and told a great story of how a life can change after meeting Christ. I enjoyed the look into the life of Josh's grandpa through the journal entries, as well as how all of the characters were developed.

    7. Really didn't like this one. I gave it the stars since I loved the first 2 and did enjoy catching up with the characters.

    8. A Matter Of Character ReviewPosted on May 26, 2010 by Nikole HahnThe book opens introducing Joshua Crawford as he lambasted a fellow reporter for misreporting the facts about his grandfather. After punching him and getting fired, he decides to show them that his grandfather is not the same man as portrayed in a series of dime store novels called The McFarland Chronicles. The author is D.B. Morgan from Bethlehem Springs, Idaho.Daphne Mckinley, an heiress who lives in Bethlehem Springs, cleverly h [...]

    9. A Matter of Character by Robin Lee Hatcher is the third and final book in the Sisters of Bethlehem Springs series. Daphne McKinley loves her life in 1918 Idaho. She lives independently while spending plenty of time with her brother and sister-in-law and their two adorable children, and she just happens to secretly write dime novels about the Old West, including a villain called Rawhide Rick who she based on a real man she's heard stories about. Joshua Crawford has come to Bethlehem Springs seeki [...]

    10. Yet again, sparks fly and opposites attract in Bethlehem Springs, Idaho.Daphne McKinley, a published dime novel authoress and wealthy heiress, fairly shines with spunk and a sometimes overactive imagination, both which make her utterly charming. Joshua Crawford is a newspaper reporter who has always looked up to his grandfather, who was a huge part of his life, growing up. So when he finds that a dime novel author has besmirched the good name of his beloved grandfather, he goes to Bethlehem Spri [...]

    11. This book is about Daphne, Morgan McKinley's little sister (hero from book 1).Daphne is an heiress, but she's also secretly a dime store novelist (under the male pen name, D.B. Morgan), writing about a "nefarious villain" named Rawhide Rick. Nobody knows who she really is, including her publishers, who assume she's a man.Newspaperman Joshua Crawford is Rawhide Rick's grandson. Except the grandfather who raised him was NOTHING like the bad guy in the books. (view spoiler)[It turns out he'd found [...]

    12. A Matter of Character was a fabulous conclusion to an endearing series. In fact, it's my favorite book of the three. I really appreciate how all of Robin's books in this series were set in Idaho and that they all focused on women with unique situations. It was fun getting to know Daphne. Her personality was perfect for an author, and her discovery of true love was beautiful. I thought it was neat how she realized that while she wrote about falling in love, until she experienced it herself, she h [...]

    13. Set in 1918, A Matter of Character is the last book in the Sisters of Bethlehem Spring series. A while it is a part of a series it easily stands alone, I had not read either of the two previous books, and had no trouble following this story. Daphne McKinnely is a heiress to a large fortune, and yet she has chosen to live in small town in Idaho, where her friends wonder why in the world she is there in the middle of nowhere. But Daphne has a secret identity, and the small town is the perfect plac [...]

    14. I really enjoyed getting to know the main character Daphne McKinley. Being an author she was a woman after my own heart. However, she writes dime novels, which were looked upon as frivolous writing - not to be taken seriously. The nemesis in her books is loosely based on a character named Rawhide Rick. Because Daphne comes from a family of wealth she does not want anyone to know what she does in her spare time. So she holds this secret close to her heart.Joshua Crawford finds out that the books [...]

    15. A Matter of Character by Robin Lee Hatcher is the third in trilogy of Sisters of Bethlehem Springs series. Daphne McKinley born to privilege and loves her independent life in 1918 Idaho. She enjoys her life in small town yet secretly writes dime novels under pseudonym about the Old West about a villain called Rawhide Rick who she based on a real man she's heard stories about. Joshua Crawford has come to Bethlehem Springs seeking the author D.B. Morgan who has written series of stories about his [...]

    16. Heiress, Daphne McKinley, loves creating adventure and satisfies her cravings to write by penning dime novels under a pseudonym. However, her hobby gets her into trouble when a real life relative of one of her book characters arrives in town to set the record straight. Joshua Crawford is determined to find “D.B. Morgan” and make the author pay for defaming his grandfather’s good name. Imagine Joshua’s surprise when he finds out that D. B. Morgan is not a man – but the beautiful Daphne [...]

    17. A Matter of Character is a sweet, fun, and meaningful conclusion to "The Sisters of Bethlehem Springs" series. As much as I loved Fit to Be Tied (the second book in the series), I think this one just might be my favorite!With a very relatable heroine, a conflicted hero to make your tummy flutter, and some interesting plot twists, this book turned out to be a quick and satisfying read. Hatcher is very adept at her craft, as shown by the fluidity of her words and scenes. Plus, I just love how the [...]

    18. The sisters of Bethlehem Springs we had Gwen's story and Cleo's story. Who was left to round out the trilogy? I had to laugh at myself when I realized that there was another sister (in-law!) left in Daphne McKinley. Perhaps it should have been obvious, but like that pleasant realization, A Matter of Character managed to surprise me in similar ways throughout the book. I enjoyed Daphne's love of writing and felt Joshua to be a great match for her all the way through the book. Even though I knew w [...]

    19. Great ending to the series. Daphne is keeping a secret. A secret that she doesn't tell even her family. She writes dime novels. Joshua Crawford is a journalist. He has learned that a certain dime novelist has used his grandfather as the villain in a series of novels. Joshua believing that his grandfather's good name is being ruined, travels to Bethlehem Springs to confront the author. What happens when he discovers that the man he wishes to confront is a woman?A great wrap up to the series. Rich [...]

    20. Joshua Crawford comes to Bethlehem Springs, ID to find D.B. Morgan who authors dime store novels about his grandfather. Little does he know that it's the beautiful heiress Daphne Morgan.drama and romance ensue.One thing I didn't quite get is that there were letters written thoughout the book of his grandfather and then Joshua is writing letters back home. It seemed confusing and I wish the back story could have been told in a different way. By time I figured it out, it became more of an interrup [...]

    21. This was a really fun story and a nice conclusion to the trilogy. My only complaint was that the entries from the grandfather's diary made the story feel a bit disjointed. I wished that one of the characters had actually been reading the diary so that it would have been tied into the story better. That said, I still really enjoyed the book. The characters were fun, and I appreciated the message of redemption and transformation. This was a good reminder of what it means to be a new creation in Ch [...]

    22. Daphne has a secret and Joshua comes to Bethlehem Springs, Idaho to work at the newspaper and find the truth about his grandfather, which is related to Daphne's writing. Daphne has watched Gwen and Cleo find their loves and wonders if she has the patience to wait for God's timing. A good short novel to read about how someone becomes a member of God's, past sins forgiven and how to work each day to be a child God will be proud of.

    23. This trilogy includes the books, "A Vote of Confidence," "Fit to be Tied," and "A Matter of Character." The series is about two sisters and a sister-in-law, Gwen, Cleo, and Daphne, that are all very different from each other but are very close. Each book tells one of the sister's story that takes place in Bethlehem Springs, Idaho. It is easy reading and I enjoyed it very much. This is Daphne's story.

    24. I really enjoyed this book. It was probably the best of the series. Daphne secretly writes dime novels under another name, but doesn't think anything about using some real names and facts in her books. However, this changes when the grandson of the villain of her stories shows up in town to confront the author. Of course you can tell what will happen next, but it was still fun to read.

    25. Dauphne was a delightful character. It was fun to hear this author writing about a girl who wanted to write "dime-store novels". Joshua and Dauphne's romance was very sweet as was all the Bethlehem Springs girls. I enjoyed this series very much. I look forward to reading more of Hatcher's work.

    26. Joshua Crawford comes to town to right a wrong against his grandfather. What he does is hit himself right between his eyes when Daphane McKinley (a sister to Morgan from the first book in the series)walks into his life. You will love the romance with the combination of faith and stubbornness. Loved all 3 books in this series.

    27. A sweet, captivating end to a series, A Matter of Character never seemed to have a dull moment. I thoroughly enjoyed Daphne's story, wrapped in intrigue and mystery, :) Daphne is sister to Morgan, who married the character of the first book. Lovely, lively tale, with a series note to make you think. I recommend! :)

    28. A Matter of Character intrigued me from the very beginning. An author who wants to remain anonymous, a hero who wants to find the author, and a heartwarming resolution. This was my discovery of Robin Lee Hatcher's writing, and it made me want to read more of her work.

    29. I started to read it as I found an idea of this book could develop an interesting plot. However in the middle of book it became so plain and predictable that I had to forced myself to finish it. This author have a few brilliant book, but this one not one of them.

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