Nauti And Wild Two bestselling authors join forces in this pair of new stories of hot men fast motorcycles and the women who ride both They ride into town straddling cubic inches of throbbing horsepower and ho

  • Title: Nauti And Wild
  • Author: Lora Leigh Jaci Burton
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Two bestselling authors join forces in this pair of new stories of hot men, fast motorcycles, and the women who ride both They ride into town straddling 73 cubic inches of throbbing horsepower, and hook up with the kind of women made for high speed handling 1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh revisits her sultry Southern landscape with a story of a good giTwo bestselling authors join forces in this pair of new stories of hot men, fast motorcycles, and the women who ride both They ride into town straddling 73 cubic inches of throbbing horsepower, and hook up with the kind of women made for high speed handling 1 New York Times bestselling author Lora Leigh revisits her sultry Southern landscape with a story of a good girl gone bad But she s not the only one going down that road Jaci Burton, the national bestselling author of Riding Wild and Riding Temptation, lets loose in a story of a hot biker hired to keep an eye on the reckless daughter of a Nevada senator She s hooked up with a rival biker gang a dangerous move that makes the wild beauty vulnerable than she imagined

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    1. Lora Leigh Jaci Burton says:

      Lora Leigh lives in the rolling hills of Kentucky, often found absorbing the ambience of this peaceful setting She dreams in bright, vivid images of the characters intent on taking over her writing life, and fights a constant battle to put them on the hard drive of her computer before they can disappear as fast as they appeared Lora s family, and her writing life co exist, if not in harmony, in relative peace with each other Surrounded by a menagerie of pets, friends, and a teenage son who keeps her quick wit engaged, Lora s life is filled with joys, aided by her fans whose hearts remind her daily why she writes.Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this namecmillan author loraleigh

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    1. Two pretty hot stories by two authors who know their way around an erotic sceneNauti Kisses by Lora LeighNo new ground broken in the final chapter of LL’s Nauti series. This time it’s Rogue’s (Nauti Deceptions) brother, the Boston lawyer John Walker Jr.’s story. John breaks up with his cold socialite fiancee after a family friend outs her for sleeping with John’s best friend. John’s been having second (and third) thoughts about the wants-no-sex-from-him Marlena, so petite young Sierr [...]

    2. I love the Nauti Series! This book was shorter, but it was just as good as the others. I loved it. It was fast paced and the sex scenes were to die for!!! Another great read.

    3. 3 1/2 stars (rounded down to 3 stars because LL's story didn't have enough bickering, angry sex and "soul searching" scenes, LOL)Nauti Kisses by Lora Leigh (3 stars)Riding the Edge by Jaci Burton (3 1/2 stars)

    4. The Nauti story was just ok for me. I think it was one story too many. The sex was hot of course, but the story fell short for me. I think this is because I don't really go for short stories. The relationships don't grab me like they would if I had a whole book to get hooked.Having said that though, I actually really like the Wild Riders story. I liked Rick and Ava a lot and wouldnt have minded a whole book on them.

    5. With novellas from Lora Leigh and Jaci Burton, this is certainly one hot and steamy book! I enjoyed both stories, though neither was perfect.Nauti Kisses by Lora LeighSeries Note: Sixth and final story in Leigh's "Nauti" series. Probably should read the series in order but I think you can get enough from this one for it to make sense.Summary:John Walker, Jr (brother of Rogue from an earlier book) escapes to Kentucky after an engagement goes bust - courtesy of finding out his fiance is sleeping w [...]

    6. I love the wild riders!! In fact, I want to be part of their group living on the edge, fighting for justice- a little shady, and burning up the road with one of the alpha bikers. Riding the Edge seemed more tame to me than the other books in the series I have read. But I still loved it. Rick is such a sexy, hot alpha with a heart so big I wanted to crawl just right up in it. Ava is a sexy, sweet girl that has a fatal flaw of looking out for others and putting herself last. Her journey was much t [...]

    7. Ok read. I didn't read Nauti #6 sooner because I normally didn't like books H forgot he slept with h. However, this book was not as bad as I thought yes, I did get annoyed when H hinted all the time that h had had many lovers while he was non-virgin himself. Totally Double standard. Still, I liked the hot plot and to see characters from previous books.

    8. Wow.Where to start?First. I did not read any other books from these series. I actually didn't realize that what I was picking up was a book that wrapped up 2 other series until I read the first page. I simply looked at the cover said 'Wow, he's smokin' hot' decided I'd never read about bikers before and bought it. What can I say? I'm a sucker for covers and this one has a stone cold fox on it.So.Nauti. Nauti Kisses: I have a few issues with Nauti. The first, is that John is kind of a dick, and n [...]

    9. Okay, I give the first story "Nauti Kisses" 4 stars and the 2nd story "Riding the edge" 3 stars. Giving this book an overall rating of 4 1/2 stars. Lora Leigh's "nauti kisses" was predictable @ best. A little cheesy @ worst. But the chemistry between John and Sierra was HOT! to say the least. Although predictable, the plot was pretty good. I do LOVE how these hard core men view not only the women in their lives, but women in general. And they recognize what a precious treasure it is to not only [...]

    10. I confess to picking this up at the used bookstore solely for the incredibly hot motorcycle dude on the cover. Zosia's review above pretty much sums up how I felt about this book--Lora Leigh kicks things off with a bang, and I was prepared to love her for it, but then her story takes a turn. I've never liked the "hero passes out cold in the middle of sex" trope at all, and she compounded that with the heroine spending 90% of the Novella dealing with the after-effects of a near rape. Bruises and [...]

    11. I liked both stories but really loved Burton's Riding on the Edge. Ava's a badass even if she is on the preppy side and her best friend needed an ass kicking on a righteous level. Rick was very likable even more so because he liked Ava as sex kitten and insecure/out of her depth. Everyone wants to be viewed as hot and adorable by the person they like. And you get that in spades with these two. On the other hand, Nauti Kisses, made me want to smack somebody. He, John, took her virginity and he do [...]

    12. A good read with two stories from Lora Leigh and Jaci Burton. Nauti Kisses is about John and Sierra who have been friends for years. But John has no clue that Sierra is in love with him. When Sierra is the one who informs John that his fiancee is cheating on him. They end up in bed together. But John passes out (from drinking too much) before they finish and has no memory of how far they really took things. They a year later Sierra is brutally attacked and John brings her under his protection. T [...]

    13. Liked reading about the Nauti children, hoping we would get more of how the Nauti men were as dadsdidn't happen. This is John and Sierra's tale and John is Rogue's brother. Sierra has been attacked and almost raped and of course the one thing that will heal her only two weeks after the attack is of course John's brand of sexual healing. Lora Leigh has provided her usual eye-rolling sexcapades as only she can do it. I don't read LL for the depth of feeling or writing, strictly for the fun.

    14. Good ending to the Nauti series. Maybe she will do a series of the Nauti mens girls.

    15. Spectacular Both stories were raw, sensual, and exciting. I recommend this anthology to all romance/erotic fans. The sex was off the charts! Make my blood boil. Very authentic and realistic fantasy.

    16. Nauti KissesJohn Calvin Walker Jr. Sierra Lucas MarlenaJohn, successful lawyer; family had taken Sierra in, and she is like a sister to him – until she turned 18, and it’s a struggle to keep his hands to himself… and Marlena – comes from a family with a name in Boston, but no money left - John is unhappy – his career isn’t satisfying, and his engagement is getting cold… he’s having dinner with snooty Marlena, when Sierra comes in with his best friend Gerard - and Sierra lets it d [...]

    17. The first story by Leigh (1 star) in this double novella really did not read well as a standalone in her series. Nothing much happened, and a woman who had been beaten and traumatized very unrealistically became intimate with a friend while she still had heavy bruises from the attack. Really? Not my cup of tea.Burton's tale (4 stars), in contrast, felt like a regular length novel with strong character development and an engrossing story. This tale saved the book for me. Burton's writing can be v [...]

    18. This review was posted at Under the CoversFirst things first Look at that shiny new cover this book got when it was re-released this month! *drools* Although I already have the print with the old one, I maaaaaaay be tempted to buy this one as well.But enough of that. This book is special to me because this was my very first read by Jaci Burton. Yep. I discovered her when this book came out because I was anxiously awaiting the last Nauti story by Lora Leigh. See why anthologies are so important? [...]

    19. Nauti and Wild by Lora Leigh and Jaci BurtonContemporary Anthology- Aug. 3, 20104 1/2 starsLora Leigh and Jaci Burton really know how to turn on the heat in this blazing yet rough and tumble anthology. In Nauti Kisses, Lora Leigh again brings her super alpha hero who comes to the rescue and the woman who he thinks can’t handle him but instead turns the tables and takes him on! Sierra has always loved John. When she realizes that his fiancée and his best friend have been having an affair behin [...]

    20. I read Nauti Kisses in "Nauti and Wild" and I love these guys. I don't know how many more gorgeous, rich, ex-marines can move to this town, but I know that at this ratea lot of women will be moving in. If my roots are showing, then too bad. I love a red-neck, a meaty muscle man and a guy that defends women. This novella was fun and fast. You will enjoy the interplay, but I must say that I would have liked more of the quick banter and retort that Lora usually gives her gals. Sierra is hurting in [...]

    21. 3.5 stars for Lora Leigh's story, "Nauti Kisses"5 stars for Jaci Burton's story, "Riding the Edge"This anthology with two of my absolute favorite authors in the genre has been one of my top 3 most anticipated reads of 2010. The book wraps up Lora Leigh's Nauti series, which I have absolutely loved, and it's the second-to-last entry in Jaci Burton's incredible Wild Riders series, which I think will end up being a career highlight for her - this series is just that good. I felt like Leigh's story [...]

    22. So….This is the last book in the Nauti Boys series. It is always sad to come to the end of a series that you have grown to love over the years that it has taken to finish. I am hoped that we would get a story for Timothy Cranston. He deserves a happy ending and he needs a woman to keep him from sticking his nose into other people’s business. This is John Calvin Walker, Jr.’s story. Since this is a short story this review may not be as long because I don’t want to give away too much.It lo [...]

    23. Nauti and WildNauti KissesJohn Walker, Jr. and Sierra Lucas4/5 StarsNauti Kisses is the sixth book of Nauti series by Lora Leigh.Favorite Quotes"I left Boston to give you time. I would have been back. I was afraid of what had happened that night, that perhaps I had hurt you, said something cruel out of my own stupidity. But I would have never let you go completely. Do you understand me? I would have been back soon. And I would have caught up with you." -John"Sierra Lucas, I've requested the appr [...]

    24. The 6th and final installment in the Nauti series is about Sierra and John (Rogues brother). While it was really nice to see the other characters in the book, dare I say that I feel like this book was a waste of time? Nothing new happened. I couldn't help but compare this book to Rowdy's book. Tons of similarities! Almost rape, beaten heroineazy stalker same ol' same ol'.I am such a fan of this series but if I'm completely honest I think my heart checked out of it after Natches book. She should [...]

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