Accidentally Omega Joey grew up as a pampered omega pup That is until his first shift confirmed him as only a workaday sigma and a gay one at that After being kicked out of his birth pack his life was literally saved b

  • Title: Accidentally Omega
  • Author: Samantha Cayto
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Joey grew up as a pampered omega pup That is until his first shift confirmed him as only a workaday sigma and a gay one at that After being kicked out of his birth pack, his life was literally saved by the new and different Rogue Pack While he s made peace with his status and revels in his cooking skills, he s still haunted by the abuse and rejection he faced as a teenaJoey grew up as a pampered omega pup That is until his first shift confirmed him as only a workaday sigma and a gay one at that After being kicked out of his birth pack, his life was literally saved by the new and different Rogue Pack While he s made peace with his status and revels in his cooking skills, he s still haunted by the abuse and rejection he faced as a teenager When a strange malady is diagnosed as being his first heat, he cannot believe he s really an omega after all It has to be a mistake, and he fears that when everyone realizes it, he will be ostracized once Liam is one of the pack s gammas, the kind of shifter that everyone thinks is all muscle, no brain, and not much heart When his childhood love was mated to another, he couldn t handle the loss and turned feral The Rogue Pack has given him a new purpose, but his devotion remains with the female he left behind He has vowed to never mate, notwithstanding his inexplicable attraction to the alluring Joey The pack is thrown into turmoil over Joey s sudden heat Someone has to breed the sweet, caring boy before his body shuts down permanently Wanting to show his gratitude to his pack, Liam volunteers for stud duty He s determined to help even if it means putting aside his own feelings and forcing Joey to accept his new status As much as Joey secretly desires the sexy gamma, he doesn t want the male like this, not out of obligation Their tumultuous relationship grows from necessity into uncertain affection But the odds are stacked against them as they wrestle with current dangers and past hurts If Joey doesn t accept his omega nature, and Liam can t put his old love to rest, the Rogue Pack will suffer a terrible loss.

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    1. Samantha Cayto says:

      Samantha Cayto is a Boston area native who practices as a business lawyer by day while writing erotic romance at night the steamier the better She likes to push the envelope when it comes to writing about passion and is delighted other women agree that guy on guy sex is the hottest ever.She lives a typical suburban life with her husband, three kids and four dogs Her children don t understand why they can t read what she writes, but her husband is always willing to lend her a hand and anything else when she needs to choreograph a scene.She is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the New England Chapter and credits RWA, NEC and the wonderful friends she s made there with helping her become a published author.

    2 thoughts on “Accidentally Omega

    1. I’m not sure what it is with this series. I don’t particularly like the books, but I can’t stop reading when I’ve started. I think it’s the writing, it’s not bad. I just don’t always agree with the actions of the characters, but I still want to keep reading.Joey has grown up as a pampered omega. That is until he shifted for the first time and his wolf presented as a sigma. He was treated badly and kicked out of his pack. He is now happy as a sigma in his new Pack, with the rogues. [...]

    2. This was book 2 in "The Rogue Pack" series. Joey grew up as a pampered omega pup. That is until his first shift confirmed him as only a workaday sigma and a gay one at that. After being kicked out of his birth pack, his life was literally saved by the new and different Rogue Pack. Liam is one of the pack’s gammas, the kind of shifter that everyone thinks is all muscle, no brain, and not much heart. When his childhood love was mated to another, he couldn’t handle the loss and turned feral. Th [...]

    3. I really enjoyed this story! Loved the characters, especially Joey! He and Liam had great chemistry together, and I loved so many things about the two of them. From Liam trying to provide for him with a heater and window, to Joey being in love with his garlic press, they were clearly so perfect together. Although they run to a couple bumps and loss along to way to their HEA, it made everything feel more real and genuine between the two of them. I'm so glad they got their HEA. Loved the pack dyna [...]

    4. A servant Sigma has an unexpected Omega heat and a tough and straight Gamma warrior unexpectedly serves as a stud. This was a sweet Omegaverse story that I overall enjoyed very much, but it departs from a strength of the first book in this series and indulges in a very "male/female vibe" which isn't my favorite in this genre (especially in the sack).The nature of the characters, a non-Omega male going into heat and a straight Gamma pressed into stud service, were a nice departure from typical Om [...]

    5. When one of the character is screaming no you can't, let me go ! and the other character said please stop fighting I don't want to hurt you! all these when they are about to have sex r me, this spoiled the story and I couldn't enjoy the rest of the book as much.

    6. What I liked about this book was as a shifter book there was no instant love. They took their time. Yes they had sex, knotted but didn't mate. Joey was a sweetheart. He was a bit clueless. Liam was a knuckle head. He still was in love with a woman from years before. I liked how he went through closure before moving on. The road to a happy ending is very bumpy.

    7. A really nice next instalment ofThe Rogue Pack. I really liked the MCs and I liked that it was no insta-love this time. Sure, the circumstances forcedLiam and Joeytogether but they took time to get to know each other.It was low-angsty, it was hot and steamy and it had knotting and mpreg. What more to expect from a shifter Gamma/Omega book? ;)An enjoyable read, indeed! :)

    8. This was a strong second entry in the series. I really liked Joey from the first book and was glad to see him get his own story. The pack structure that the author employs for the books is very unique and it was nice to see the twist of someone who didn't fit the mold. Joey's fight against his true designation of omega was very believably done. I really fell in love with Liam and was taken with the story of his journey from duty to love. For those (like me) who appreciate a good heat, you will b [...]

    9. Excellent funI love that the Rogue Pack is taking a hard look at their traditions and recognizing that some were actually harmful, some are neutral, and some are beneficial. Once they recognize what isn't good for them, they are willing to break with tradition and find something better.How damaging must it have been for Joey to be raised as an omega, but the second he shifted he was suddenly ostracized for not being exactly what his pack expected? I had more trouble empathizing with Liam, who wa [...]

    10. I'm hooked on this series and I hope there are plans for more books. I love the concept of this group of shifters coming together to form their own pack and doing things their own way. Kyle and Lorcan's story was fantastic and I was really excited to see Joey's story. He was such a sweetheart. I admit that I hadn't given Liam much thought in the first book but I'm glad he was the one to mate with Joey. And I loved the little things he did for Joey. I just knew that they were going to be special [...]

    11. This was better than the first one. I guess, more to do with Joey wasn't mated without discussion at the beginning. Not that Liam actually asked when it happened later. Plus, Joey fighting his status and just being beyond the norm as this world dictates made it more interesting.

    12. This series just keeps getting better and better. I like how the young man, Joey, ended up being Omega. I also liked how he fought what he was because of his past but in the end he stopped fighting because it gave him the man/wolf, Liam that he had been longing for.

    13. Love the characters. Put in an unexpected situation with issues and history to deal with. Couldn't stop reading until the book was done. So glad I read this series. Want some more books by this author.

    14. Passionate CharactersI like the style of this authors writing. The characters have strength and depth. This author really understands the concept of love and explains it well.

    15. If you are in the mood for fluff this is candy-cotton sweet and fluffy. The characters are intense and primal shifters and the sex scenes are steamy. This series is an easy comfort read, there is no angst just insta-lust that leaves you pleasantly aroused. In each book the writer throws the MCs straight into in and then instead of character building, plot development and bonding, we get super hot sex that climaxes in a HEA. What's not to like.

    16. I wavered between a 3 and a 4 star rating because the character's denial of what was going on was a dominant part of this story. Instead of exploring the potential for their circumstance they were fighting it with everything they had. However, the reason I stuck with a 4 star is because it's not a bad story overall and I'm loving the Rogue Pack and the world in these stories.

    17. Good addition3.5 stars. Good addition to the series. I enjoyed this on way more then I enjoyed the first one. Looking forward to the next book

    18. This was cute. Would have liked a touch more character development in the first part of the story it read very pwp at first but then rounded out into a nice story.

    19. Getting Better***2.75 (rounded-up)***Well, this book was definitely better than the last book. The writing is decent, so it keeps my interest enough to want to know the characters and pack dynamics. It's not great, by any means. The chemistry between Liam and Joey is okay at best. Don't get me wrong sexy times were good, but them as a couple not as solid as I would have hoped for. Honestly, this is not a book I would purchase but definitely worth the try with KU.

    20. 3.5 stars, another simple, uncomplicated story. Joey is kind and despite my expectations not spoiled from his early childhood. He was in denial about being in heat and then is pregnancy, so scared because he was convinced he wasn't an omega. The drama came from Liam, being a tough guy used to being in charge, trying to tell Joey what to do. Sometimes it worked, othertimes feelings got hurt. Nice easy read.

    21. I wish that it had the part where Joey had the pup and stuff like Kyle did on the first book in the Epilogue

    22. I enjoyed the book. It was a slightly different take on the shifter romance I normally read. I was actually quite happy that this book had very little angst and miscommunications. I also liked that the pack didn't spend the whole time fighting with another pack/zombies/humans etc.

    23. I'm giving this a full 5 stars because I love ever moment of it.The story this time is about Joey and Liam and I love Joey from the first because he was so sweet and charming and he became fast friend with Kyle. I didn't know much about Liam from the first book beside him being stern face and really good-looking and also has a dark cloud around him as well. I love the chemistry between them, even though they were force to bred but later on they both found out that they were meant for each other [...]

    24. I really liked this one. Poor Joey was so confused. Initially he was classified as an Omega until his first shift when he was labeled a Sigma. His prior pack, who'd thought he was an Omega, turned against him and forced him out. He was able to join the Rogue Pack and found his place as a Sigma. Until he went into heat . . . At first he refused to believe he was an Omega. But Liam took care of him during his heat and they ended up falling in love. It's a simple story but I think it's well written [...]

    25. Enjoyed Sigma wolf Joey goes into heat finally presenting as a omega wolf the very reason he was kick out of his pack . Gamma wolf Liam services him during his heat and they find happiness after many hardships. I really like the rogue pack they are trying to be different hope we get more stories.

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