The Elven Alliance The fates have spoken Cole and Eva are the Keeper of Dragons the only ones who can save all true beings from a time of fear Uncontrollable power Cole finds himself unstable unpredictable and volatile

  • Title: The Elven Alliance
  • Author: J.A. Culican
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The fates have spoken.Cole and Eva are the Keeper of Dragons the only ones who can save all true beings from a time of fear.Uncontrollable power.Cole finds himself unstable, unpredictable and volatile He has no control of the tilium fairy magic he stole from the farros Out of options, the dragons turn to a once ally the elves for help Curious about the dragon whoThe fates have spoken.Cole and Eva are the Keeper of Dragons the only ones who can save all true beings from a time of fear.Uncontrollable power.Cole finds himself unstable, unpredictable and volatile He has no control of the tilium fairy magic he stole from the farros Out of options, the dragons turn to a once ally the elves for help Curious about the dragon who wields both dragon and fairy magic, they accept but on their terms only The dragons must submit to Prince Gaber and his rules.A new enemy.Queen Tana continues to haunt Cole s dreams, as a new enemy shows his face another fallen enemy with a bigger agenda than the farros fallen fairies an enemy stronger and smarter an enemy with an army that could destroy all true beings Enter King Eldrick of the eldens the fallen elves.Sometimes evil wins.

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      498 J.A. Culican
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    1. J.A. Culican says:

      J.A Culican is a teacher by day and a writer by night She lives in New Jersey with her husband of eleven years and their four young children.J.A Culican s inspiration to start writing came from her children and their love for all things magical Bedtime stories turned to reality after her oldest daughter begged her for the book from which her stories of dragons came from In turn, the series The Keeper of Dragons was born.

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    1. Book ReviewTitle: The Keeper of Dragons: The Elven AllianceGenre: YA/Sci-Fi/FantasyRating: *****Review: After reading The Prince Returns I was very excited to read this book especially after the ending of the first novel. The opening to The Elven Alliance was great we rejoin Cole and Eva as they begin their respective training with the different dragon factions. Eva learns quickly and advances through the ranks while Cole struggles especially with the Wolans who are fighters and quickly falls be [...]

    2. Excellent sequelWhat a great follo upom normal teenager to dragon with no warning at all these stories captivated my imagination completely. I just loved books 1 and2. How gracious they ere both part of kindle unlimited so I went right from book 1 into book 2. After a major stroke,IAm on can lot of meds. I don't know if its the meds or not but us usually til I fall asleep at night. I just really enjoyed these two fantasy books. The Golden Dragon which looks to be a compendium is now on my wish l [...]

    3. It seems like forever since Cole and Eva fled their home for the relative safety of Ochana. Eva has made marvelous progression with her training as a Keeper of Dragons, while Cole seems to be falling behind the group. Will he be able to catch up and step up as the Keeper of Dragons that everyone is counting on him to be?After a mishap with his newfound tilium leaves Cole feeling out of control, he and Eva are sent to the Elves to help him regain some measure of control over his abilities. Cole f [...]

    4. I was a little disappointed in this book, because I was wanting so much more. The story is so good, the characters are so good, I was very eager to read and find out what happens in this second installment of The Keeper of Dragons.In this book, Prince Colton - Cole - is taken to the Elves for help in controlling the tilium that he's taken from the farros. There is a lot of behind-the-scenes baggage between the dragons and the elves due to the way the dragons behaved after their prince was killed [...]

    5. The second book follows on from Cole and Eva’s introduction to their new lives on Ochana, home to dragons and their new roles as Keeper of Dragons and Golden Dragon.At the end of the first book, Cole stole all the farro’s magic, called trillium, but can’t control it nor his dragon self. It is decided that he needs the help of another ally of the dragons, the elves, and he is sent to the ‘swamp’ where the elves live to gain control of the fairy magic flowing through his body as well as [...]

    6. The Elven Alliance by J.A. Culican is book two in her Keeper of Dragons series. In this book we are reunited with Cole, Eva, Jericho, Cairo and lots of new characters. Cole is struggling with what he took from the farren after his battle with them. The powers have made him unstable in dealing with his own dragon gifts and he needs help in controlling them. The dragons reach out to the elves for help and the elves agree. Now it is up to Cole to learn and learn quickly how to control it because da [...]

    7. Even though I have not read the first book of the series, The Return of the Prince, I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The author explains enough of the backstory in the first few chapters that you can read this book without reading the first.Cole was an ordinary 18 year old, raised as human, until he met up with Tana, the Queen of the Farros. He is able to steal her trilium (but he doesn't know how he did it), so she seeks to get it back. In order for Cole to learn to control his trilium, the elve [...]

    8. I preferred the first book to this because it was full of action more. There was a more dialogue in this and I found it to be a bit slow. However it does pick up and there is a twist which I did see coming but I guest the wrong person.Cole the main character (story told from his POV) showed more emotion, but I found him to have really low self-esteem. This did not put me off the book and I hope he gains more confidence in the third book.Would definitely recommend this book to all ages since ther [...]

    9. An epic read!The fates have spokenUncontrollable powerA new enemySometimes evil winsBeing the Keeper of the Dragons comes at a great cost - being in constant danger and making sacrifices. Now, Cole is battling darkness within himself. I feel for him.This book was absolutely amazing - such a good read! The stuff that occurs in this book - whoa, tensions are high and surprises are coming. Big surprises. Full of elves, farros, elden, trolls, action, adventure, enemies, magic and evil.Perfect for re [...]

    10. The Elven Alliance is book 2 to the Prince Returns. Cole and Eva are the Keeper of Dragons, the protectors who can save all true beings from a time of fear.  Cole is trying to control his dragon and fairy magic. While trying to learn control he turns to the elves for help. The Keeper of Dragons now have to face King Eldrick of the eldens, the fallen elves. Join Cole and Eva on their journey. Can't wait to read book 3.

    11. Wow, what a sequel. Eva and Cole are not only Dragon Keepers but protectors of all beings. In this book we see them both go through their training and Eva appears to advance quicker. But all is not what it seems. They form an Alliance with the elves and Coles power that he absorbed has strange consequences.I won't spoil it but well worth the read and leaves you hungry for the next book. Brilliant.

    12. The exciting sequel to The Prince Returns, The Elven Alliance ramps up the action and adventure to a whole new level. Packed with heart racing and heart warming moments, this latest installment in the series is a must read for fantasy and adventure lovers alike. Get caught up in the excitement with Cole and Eva as they explore their new roles and learn to work together.

    13. Disappointment -- is fleur de malI got tired of cole cowardice. He is a wimp and he is suppose to be the savior. I'm not going to finish the series. I push myself to read book 2 in the hopes his character will improve. No such luck. Needless to say I will not recommend this series. I totally hate the main character.Enjoyed

    14. RATING: 4.75 Great second book in the series. Love how the other kingdoms add more depth to the story of Cole being a neutral representative of 'all that are true'. Plus I really ship Cole and Jericho, now I know Jericho is somewhat 400 years older, is annoyed by Cole constantly and the Cole is his charge not to mention royalty, but their ship makes sense. I hope it happens in book 3!

    15. That's not it right???. right!!!Yes there still problems with word usage and grammar but the story is worth reading. No sign of more which does not make me happy. I do hope this will be a trilogy.

    16. Loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Spellbinding, kept me on my toes. It was hard to put down. This is a good who was the one behind what was going on. If you like mystery and fantasy this is a good one for you.

    17. Awesome story. I can't wait to see the next book.The first book is a delight to read. The book is starting out with them as human and builds from there. I'm going to enjoy the rest of the series.

    18. Keeps getting betterAn amazing ride. Love the new characters in the elves and trolls. This series just keeps getting better. Can't wait for book 3.

    19. DragonsFast-paced and fun read plenty of action,suspense and a budding romance in the making if they can live long enough good versus evil and wonderful characters

    20. It was a quick, fast-paced, easy read. There were more descriptions of the world and characters from the book, I liked that.

    21. This was a quick, fast-paced, easy read, and a worthy follow-up to the first book. If you love fantastical realms and creatures (dragons, elves, trolls, etc.), then this is definitely something you would enjoy.

    22. I absolutely love this series. There is a wide variety of supernatural beings present in this novel, and the fantastic adventures embarked upon in this book are airtight and make for an enjoyable read for all audiences. If you're a fan of high adventures and dragon-shifters, pick up this book. I guarantee it's for you!

    23. Could not put the book down. Elves, Dragons, Trolls and Magic. what a way to get away from the reality of todays world. Definately a must read Make sure you read Book 1 and 2!!! Both are fantastic!

    24. Amazing fantasy read. Elves, dragons etc, what could be better. Fantastic writing by an out of this world writer. Anything J A Culican writes is worth reading.

    25. Fantastic fantasy read that follows the first one perfectly. Just loved every page, just couldn't get enough received an ARC and my pleasure to review

    26. Another great bookHow can you get away from it all? Read this book. There are dragons, elves, trolls, fairies, among others. It takes you away from reality for a little while, what else can you ask for from a book.

    27. How dare you end it like that? do you think that cliffy is a joke? I need more and I need it now! Im gonna cry I need to know what happens with the trolls, elves, fairies and dragons that were in paraiso and what do you mean a time of fear is now?! tell me or I will take away your cookie privilege

    28. Cole has trouble controlling his powers and Eva has a love match.Add elves, fairies and trolls to the mix and it gets even better.I would highly recommend this series.

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