Dubin s Lives With a new introduction by Thomas MallonDubin s Lives is a compassionate and wry commedia a book praised by Christopher Lehmann Haupt in The New York Times as Malamud s best novel since The Assi

  • Title: Dubin's Lives
  • Author: Bernard Malamud Thomas Mallon
  • ISBN: 9780374528829
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • With a new introduction by Thomas MallonDubin s Lives 1979 is a compassionate and wry commedia, a book praised by Christopher Lehmann Haupt in The New York Times as Malamud s best novel since The Assistant Possibly, it is the best he has written of all Its protagonist is one of Malamud s finest characters prize winning biographer William Dubin, who learns from lives,With a new introduction by Thomas MallonDubin s Lives 1979 is a compassionate and wry commedia, a book praised by Christopher Lehmann Haupt in The New York Times as Malamud s best novel since The Assistant Possibly, it is the best he has written of all Its protagonist is one of Malamud s finest characters prize winning biographer William Dubin, who learns from lives, or thinks he does those he writes, those he shares, the life he lives Now in his later middle age, he seeks his own secret self, and the obsession of biography is supplanted by the obsession of love love for a woman half is age, who has sought an understanding of her life through his books Dubin s Lives is a rich, subtle book, as well as a moving tale of love and marriage.

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    1. Bernard Malamud Thomas Mallon says:

      Bernard Malamud was an author of novels and short stories Along with Saul Bellow and Philip Roth, he was one of the great American Jewish authors of the 20th century His baseball novel, The Natural, was adapted into a 1984 film starring Robert Redford His 1966 novel The Fixer, about antisemitism in Tsarist Russia, won both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

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    1. Malamud ha questa dote: prendere storie apparentemente banali, di ultimi, e renderle brillanti. È la storia di un biografo, così intento nel narrare la vita degli altri, che dimentica di vivere la propria. È la storia di una donna, moglie del biografo, imprigionata nel primo matrimonio da cui era rimasta vedova, che rende infelice la sua e la vita di chi gli sta intorno. È la storia di una giovane donna che riporta la gioia nella vita del biografo. Tradimenti, verità, finzioni si susseguono [...]

    2. Un uomo di mezza età, scrittore di necrologi di personalità letterarie, affermatosi poi come biografo, vive una tranquilla esistenza in un piccolo centro agricolo dello stato di New York. William Dubin sarebbe rimasto scapolo se un giorno alla sua scrivania non fosse giunta una lettera di una giovane vedova con figlio, in cerca - tramite la testata - di una possibile frequentazione maschile a scopo di matrimonio. Così William si sposa, sposa Kitty ancora legata al fantasma del suo Nathaniel, [...]

    3. Malamud was an exceptional writer. So exceptional, it seems, that he was able to craft a novel about marriage and infidelity for an exhausting 386 pages and still keep my interest for the majority of the ride. Though, I must say, this is the fifth book I've read of his (I've also read The Natural, The Fixer, The Assistant, and The Tenants), and also my least favorite, mostly because of its redundancy. No lie, this book could have been trimmed by at least 100 less pages. At least!And while yes, I [...]

    4. Long ago, a creative writing teacher recommended this book to me. I've finally read it, and in turn I highly recommend it. Malamud shows a mastery of prose and an immense talent for description. His passages describing the changing seasons are incredible!At first, the author's tendency to bend the "laws" of punctuation and grammar threw me a little. The first twenty pages didn't hold my interest, but after that I adjusted to his style and grew to appreciate it. It was worth persevering.The book [...]

    5. At tmes there is almost a sensory pleasure to be derived from Malamud's skill in style, detail and story line. In the end, though, it is a well-told story of a selfish, nearly solipsistic life, in a mode very specific (I think) to late-middle-aged males. Every decision Dubin makes s for himself, in his own interests, and as the novel goes on, he even turns the decisions and choices of others into nothing more than a means of justifying his own choices and decisions.The book offers much to think [...]

    6. la vita di dubin, biografo di mezza età, che si intreccia con le vite dei personaggi di cui scrive e con quelle di sua moglie e della sua giovanissima amante fanny. buffo e tragico, nello svelare le contraddizioni e le miserie di ognuno di noi; più leggo i libri di malamud e più amo questo autore.

    7. Dubin’s Lives by Bernard MalamudWonderful, 10 out of 10After The Assistant and The Fixer this is the third book by Barnard Malamud that I enjoy so much that I took time finishing it.As opposed to the first two masterpieces, where the characters had little in common with me, in Dubin’s Lives I identify with the main character.We have about the same age, and many of the issues that disturb him have been present in my life, especially recently.That does not mean that I agree or understand the i [...]

    8. A difficult book to read at age 57. Dubin is at once myself and also some reprehensible stranger bastard. I also found the resolution dissatisfying; I'm not entirely sure why, although I may be lying.

    9. "The wild begins where you least expect it, one step off your daily course" (p.149)For me, Dubin's Lives is The Great American Novel. I read it for the first time, soon after it was published in 1979, as a young man, and read it again when I was properly into adulthood. Even with those limited horizons, it had a profound effect on me, this story of a biographer struggling with his work, his marriage, aging and depression, his relationship with his adult children, and his affair with Fanny Bick, [...]

    10. When I looked at the back of the book to see what it was about I was dismayed. I wanted to read Malamud (I heard about him from Dorothy on the Golden Girls) but his titles in the Manila bookshop I was in were limited. Writing about having affairs with younger women seemed to be an obsession with the patriarchal writers of Malamud's time and didn't think I could find anything new from it. Still having lingered in the bookshop for too long I just went for it, and I was pretty happy about doing tha [...]

    11. Marvelous! I'd read The Tenant years ago and it remains one of my all time favorite books today. This, however, is very different in tone and style, but I felt just as fascinated by its main character, William Dubin as I did with Harry Lesser. Malamud is so amazing at letting us know how others feel even through third-person limited narration, and his secondary characters live and breathe outside of their scenes until we meet them again on the page. In this case, even the subjects of Dubin's wor [...]

    12. I don’t believe that I have ever read a book that's kept me emotionally engaged for the entire duration of the story and I hated this story. It tells of a man that creates his own tragedy by means of selfish decisions and self-serving actions; a man who repeatedly chooses to “reward” himself rather than honoring his human obligations to his wife, his family, and his friends.The story, however, is simply the sugar (or sour) coating of the message. It grabs your attention while serving up a [...]

    13. Premessa: io non sopporto il tema del tradimento, mi fa proprio inc***are, non riesco a concepirlo e non voglio che entri nella mia vita nemmeno con un romanzo. Eppure questa volta ho fatto un’eccezione e non me ne sono pentita. Certo, il libro mi ha turbata profondamente, ma sono contenta di aver riflettuto sulla mezza età, sulla fedeltà e la sincerità, sulla fragilità delle relazioni, sull’importanza dell’onestà verso se stessi e nei confronti delle persone care. Ma soprattutto meri [...]

    14. Ho abbandonato e ripreso questo libro molte volte nel corso degli ultimi mesi. Non una volta mi sono dimenticata di che si stava parlando. William Dubin, biografo, quando intraprende la scrittura della biografia di Lawrence entra in crisi. Come uomo, come marito, come padre. E' il racconto di pochi anni della vita di Dubin ma che saranno fondamentali. Non c'è un momento di noia in questo romanzo anche se le azioni avvengono soprattutto nel (non)cambiamento del protagonista. A chi è piaciuto Re [...]

    15. I was a bit dubious about this book when I first started it, but was driven on by my experience of Malamud's other books. Of course it proved to be a very good novel as I should have known. Poor old Dubin, trying to write a biography of D. H. Lawrence while juggling a torrid and changeable affair, worrying about his son, an American Vietnam deserter trapped in Sweden and a daughter who seems distant and unreachable. It takes him to the edge of sanity at times. So many wonderful lines in this, I [...]

    16. This is an extremely well written book about a somewhat depressing subject; ie "male mid-life crisis. It involves a 55 year old biographer who is experiencing writers block. He is doing a biography of D. H. Lawrence and just can't get inside his subject. He has a very unsuccessful affair with a much younger woman. After taking her to Venice he finds her on the floor with a gondolier. He returns to his home in New England and finds himself growing away from his wife and is not happy with his rela [...]

    17. Malamud uses up time in a way I’ve rarely seen. For one, it’s fascinating to have the biographer under glass; reading Lawrence by having Dubin wrestle with Lawrence. But the reason I had to keep reading pages twice was the way Malamud uses up time; he gets from one thing to another in the middle of a sentence, and I want to pin this one up like a moth under glass just to figure out how.

    18. This was a marvelously insightful, funny and deeply sad book, about the life of an adulterous biographer. The novel's style was different from other Malamuds I have read - equally lyrical, but with passages more concerned with nature than urban life. Still, this was an unsettlingly good read. Highly recommended.

    19. I liked this book, in that it is extremely well-written and is generally an easy read. But the subject matter is not something I really cared for. Boring white man pain brought about by a selfish man. Really hard to care about anyone in the cast of characters.

    20. Amazed by the relationship between the protagonist and his wife, and the blunt sentences they exchange. But despite the rudeness of expression and behavior, Dubin (and wife, and the rest of the characters) always seemed somehow comical. In a bitter way.

    21. Very interesting and smart book. Curiously what sometimes bothers me in other books (too many descriptions, redundancy and unjustified length) didn't bother me in this one. Although I am convinced it will try the will of most readers.

    22. I loved this book! The characters were so realflawedyingI wouldn't say it was a pleasurable read, but I couldn't put it down and would recommend it heartily.

    23. His style is something amazing. To have it bouncing around in my head was a pleasure. This might have received 5 stars if I weren't so sick of reading accounts of the male midlife crisis.

    24. I'm half way through it and I still can't decide if I like it or not. It's easy to put down, but I do want to know what Dubin is going to do next.

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