The Black Prism Gavin Guile is the Prism the most powerful man in the world He is high priest and emperor a man whose power wit and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace But Prisms never last and Guile kn

  • Title: The Black Prism
  • Author: Brent Weeks
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Gavin Guile is the Prism, the most powerful man in the world He is high priest and emperor, a man whose power, wit, and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace But Prisms never last, and Guile knows exactly how long he has left to live Five years to achieve five impossible goals But when Guile discovers he has a son, born in a far kingdom after the war that put hiGavin Guile is the Prism, the most powerful man in the world He is high priest and emperor, a man whose power, wit, and charm are all that preserves a tenuous peace But Prisms never last, and Guile knows exactly how long he has left to live Five years to achieve five impossible goals But when Guile discovers he has a son, born in a far kingdom after the war that put him in power, he must decide how much he s willing to pay to protect a secret that could tear his world apart.

    • Unlimited [Thriller Book] ☆ The Black Prism - by Brent Weeks ¾
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    1. Brent Weeks says:

      Brent Weeks was born and raised in Montana After getting his paper keys from Hillsdale College, Brent had brief stints walking the earth like Caine from Kung Fu, tending bar, and corrupting the youth Not at the same time He started writing on bar napkins, then on lesson plans, then full time Eventually, someone paid him for it Brent lives in Oregon with his wife, Kristi He doesn t own cats or wear a ponytail.

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    1. Update: Who am I kidding. 4 stars was too nice.I’m a little torn here.I really like the ideas in this book. The world and magic system are different and fascinating. (You will need to push yourself to read the first 100 pages before it gets better. The magic system is confusing until then!)The writing isn’t the best, same with the dialogues but the sexism is what is ruining it for me.I could tell you which women are the prettiest in order and who has the best boobs. Literally.Real descriptio [...]

    2. You know you are reading a masterpiece when out of 95 chapters and 5 different POVs, not even one is slightly boring. I have heard a lot of things about Brent Weeks' second trilogy, and most of them have been proved true so far. He has grown up as an author, improving not only his prose and narration but his imagination as well."You might want to think twice before you try to use a man's conscience against him. It may turn out he doesn't have one."The Black Prism is absolutely a work of art. The [...]

    3. Before I start with my quite lengthy spoiler-free review, I would like to thank 2 of my fellow friend, Sarah (Luna) and Haifoun, for letting me know first to prepare for the extremely slow beginning and that eventually the book will get so much better after the first half.Let me start my review with the con first.Dear Orholam (God in this book), for those of you who's going to start this series, let me remind you once again, the first 200 pages of this book is extremely slow and honestly imo Br [...]

    4. This book is really tough for me to rate. The story is a flintlock fantasy. With some really brilliant ideas, a very interesting plot, cool magic system and great action. So what's wrong with it you may ask? (Other than the fact that the narrator made the main character sound like a surfer dude.)Well the problem with Brent Weeks' writing is that you felt like you are being told a story by a very creative and imaginative 15 year old boy, with no real life experience and not a lot of study under h [...]

    5. Let me write a short review here and then do a side note. I loved the characters of Kip and Gavin and a few others. I really want to continue on with their story and see where it goes. Especially when I read the part about Gavin and his brother. Uh, mind blown. There was a part at the beginning of the book that just put me off (and don't ask) and I'm just getting irritated with stuff like that. Soooooo many of my friends love these books and some are just okay with them. I do have the other curr [...]

    6. Today we're going to talk about something that every reviewer lives at least once in its reading career, that I will call the Is It Too Early To Dnf Syndrome®.That syndrome sucks big time. 1) Your ereader is failing you, and doesn't count the percentages anymore : don't get it back to the store yet! You're only bored. I know, it's tricky. Sanderson's fans might not show this symptom though : if you like long ass descriptions of how a magic system works, well lucky you, you may not meet boredom [...]

    7. Let's be honest; I've been dreading reading this. Why? Because The Night Angel Trilogy ended up a broken promise. Good beginning, steady decline in the quality of characterization and plotting, and, need I mention, a sexist hot mess? At any rate, Weeks seems to have been going for something different here, or at least something more developed--say perhaps, Epic--and it works much better. Except it's so damn conscious of being epic that I roll my eyes just looking at it--that heft! The matte blac [...]

    8. Update 10/15/17Re-Read with buddies!This is one of my favorite epic fantasy series ever and upon re-reads, I'm hardly in a position to recant. Especially now. I'm still thrilled as hell. :)I can't quite tell whether I love the magic system or the characters more. I absolutely love the smartass "Kip the lip" fat kid whiner turned badass, but it's Gavin Guile that really steals the show. Has there ever been such a complicated character in existence? Charming, devious, uber-powerful, totally evil a [...]

    9. This book gets all the stars in the universe !WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ[image error]It's hard to write a review when you have just been blown away. I'm still very emotional from book one because I loved it that much.I must say books like this is why I love fantasy so much, I recommend this book to every single person who can read ! I am now Brent weeks new number one fan girl !This book starts off extremely slow, I hated the start. I found the magic system complex and was confused to where t [...]

    10. Well, Brent Weeks, you got me. You sucked me in to your polychromatic world, and now I’m going to have to read everything else you’ve written. The Black Prism is the first book in the Lightbringer series, an epic fantasy series with a color-based magic system. There was a truly varied and interesting cast of characters: Kip, a chubby, awkward teenager who has always been a bit of an outcast; Gavin Guile, the Prism and the Most Interesting Man in the World; and Karris, Gavin’s smoking hot b [...]

    11. I am just less than half way through this book and I am not enjoying it. The writing is fine. In fact, Brent Weeks may have developed a bit more dexterity with his prose since the Night Angel trilogy. The problem, so far, is two-fold. 1) Nothing much is happening. I'm not intrigued, drawn in, excited, or even really interested. There is political intrigue at work, but it isn't compelling. There is magic afoot, but it is hard to be in awe of it. I don't even care where this is headed.2) I don't c [...]

    12. FrEEEEEk-in' fantastic!!! This is really all that must be said, but of course I will say more. Many people that review this book will take the time to recap the plot and give you some character intros, so I am taking the lazy man's road and skipping anything remotely informative about the book itself in my review.Instead, I will tell of how I felt throughout the book. One of the main objectives in reading is to think and feel something, right? A good book will make you think in circles of confus [...]

    13. I DUNNNOOOOOO. First, I really enjoyed Brent Weeks' other series A LOT, so I was excited about this coming out, and seeing the blurb about the magic system, I was sooo psyched. I feel like this series was kinda a throwback to like Eddings and Feist and Jordan and those old-school EPIC fantasy series. I have to admit I wasn't really hooked by the characters as much as I would have liked, but overall I ADMIRE what the author is setting up. I guess my biggest beef, other than really not liking the [...]

    14. I originally set the rating of this book at 4 stars, but decided it needed to be moved up to the 5 star level. I don't find it as good as many of the books I rate 5 stars, but it drew me in and held me tells a story that beats 4 stars. So, without the much lamented 4.5 that so many of us here pine for, I've rated it 5.So, I like the book and give it the highest rating possible here (albeit noting it's not at the top of my 5 star pile)what's so good about it? And, if it's not at the top of the 5 [...]

    15. This book is so slow at the beginning, almost nothing happened for the first 200 pages, before things picked up and revelations started blowing my mind. I didn’t like the way the author explains the magic system, when you’re reading a very interesting part of the book and one of the characters starts drafting(i.e the magic), the author will stop the dialogue and start explaining the magic, that was done throughout the book, I still don’t know the limits of the magic. The battle scenes in t [...]

    16. Wow just wow So many great fantasy novels I've been stumbling upon lately. I usually reserve the high expectations for any Brandon Sanderson novel, but I was amazed by the beauty and fluidity in Brian McClellan books, and now this evil genius Brent Weeks comes along Sure, he needs to work on his description capabilities, since several of my friends and I had the exact same comments about the exact same parts then I doubt that we all lack the imagination. Other than that, pure evil geniusBrava!So [...]

    17. Well paced. Deceptively complex plot, characters and history. Unique and well defined magic system. Intriguing mysteries to be solved. Rewards those who pay attention to detail, which also gives it reread value to catch those details that were skimmed or dismissed the first time round. Held my attention. Surprised me quite a few times. Thoroughly enjoyable.The magic system in this book, called Chromaturgy, is second to nothing I’ve read to date – and that includes Sanderson’s Mistborn Tril [...]

    18. *** 4.85 ***A buddy read with Eon and Sarah La Luna @ the Mecca for Fantasy on GR, BB&B!!! Epic! Not just the genre of Fantasy, but the book itself - EPIC!!! Brent Weeks has taken the torch of Epic Fantasy with some traditional leanings and is finding his way into our hearts and Favorites Book Shelves. I am in awe of the magical system BW has chosen to base this World on and am fascinated by the different cultures and how their ethnological and physical differences are conducive to one aspec [...]

    19. The Black Prism is the first installment in Brent Weeks' second series called Lightbringer. It's an Epic Fantasy with some of the typical ingredients you would expect, but all is kind of twisted to the author's unique style and your enjoyment of the book will highly depend on how much that style works for you.In total we're following 7 characters, 2 of them being the main protagonists, 2 with a decent amount of "screen-time" and 3 with only a few chapters.The first of the two main characters is [...]

    20. This was good. In fact it was very good. The magic system was brilliant. So imaginative and holding boundless opportunities. I struggled just a little with the characters - the deliberate confusion over who is who actually confused me too much. I needed to know who was the good guy and who I should be rooting for. I am just going to have to read the next book to find out!The story was action packed and fast paced and very hard to put down. A great read!

    21. Wonderfully enjoyable writing, a bit extremely light on the explanation side of things. I can defiantly see why so many people love this as much as they say they do!As already said, the writing is wonderful. its so easy to read and fast to get through which makes you fly through all those pages and not even notice how many there were. The characters are mostly pretty well done as well, i really enjoy the main character and prism gavin, he is a wonderfully done character with all those twists and [...]

    22. The Black Prism is a fantasy masterpiece. One of the best books I have ever read.It pulls you in from the very beginning. And has a very unique magic system that continues to amaze you the farther you get into the books. It has flawed characters. It is action packed. Deals with a lot of politics within The Seven Satrapies. And even war. The world building in this book is fantastic. You learn about pass wars. You learn about every kingdom in the world whether big or small. Diverse characters are [...]

    23. So! first review for 2017!I'm really not sure how to rate this book. Maybe I should draft some colo Damn, that was closed.This book is 3.5+. First thing first, I will have to agree with the 1-star DNF review, because it is really true. I stopped listening to this book more than twice just because of those. But, I did finish the book. So I can review it.Brent's immature/unformal writing is cute but that's it, he isn't Rothfuss nor Hobb. I usually don't care but merely stating it, as I think it ca [...]

    24. I've never read anything by Weeks before & was pretty impressed. His system of magic was interesting, albeit somewhat confusing at times. Actually, I just went with it when people did magic. Weeks tried hard for a rationale, but there were a few too many rules & ways it was used to make complete sense. I assumed he stayed within them, but doubted it at times. Still, that was minor.Weeks really impressed me with the realistic aspects of the story. Not only did he have complex, imperfect c [...]

    25. How I hate cliffhangers (view spoiler)[ PLEASE DON'T KILL MY BABY DAZEN :( (hide spoiler)]This book was epic. I was scared of its size but I ended up enjoying every pages.It was a bit hard to understand the magic system and I still don't comprehend it fully. But I find it really interesting nonetheless!I'm getting really attached to the characters and I can't wait to continue on with this series.

    26. 3.5 starsThis was a good story with some interesting twists and a unique (to me) magic system using colors. It didn't rate higher however because I never found myself feeling much for any of the characters. I didn't love or hate anyone so the whole story felt like it was happening at a distance, something I was objectively observing rather than personally experiencing, if that makes any sense. The mark of a four or five star book for me is how necessary reading the next book is to me and, right [...]

    27. This deff feels like it will be an awesome series! I was expecting a heavier read. Nothing like it. It reads very light and easy, loooads of sillyness during a 'serious' plot where people are dying and the gore isnt left out. Love it!Kip is deff a weird ass fellow, blurts everything out ( I recognize myself here when im with people and I have this feeling I must start talking to avoid awkward silence, making the situation even worse by talking xD ). He is big and clumsy yet still keeping himself [...]

    28. As in previous readings of this book, I really liked and enjoyed reading THE BLACK PRISM however it still didn't tickle my pickle the way the following books did. There is just something slightly wrong with this book that the following books got right.I think that this book was a little too ambitious. Mr. Weeks tried to cram a lot of content into just 600 pages. This is the first book! I don't need to or want to understand the whole world and the entire magic system however by the end of this bo [...]

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