The Loners The Secret Lives of Super Heroes Once they were the teen heroes known as Darkhawk Turbo Ricochet Green Goblin and Lightspeed Now they re five young adults trying to stay out of spandex But is walking away from the buzz of danger a

  • Title: The Loners: The Secret Lives of Super Heroes
  • Author: C.B. Cebulski Karl Moline
  • ISBN: 9780785122159
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Paperback
  • Once they were the teen heroes known as Darkhawk, Turbo, Ricochet, Green Goblin and Lightspeed Now they re five young adults trying to stay out of spandex But is walking away from the buzz of danger and intrigue easier said than done And is a self help group enough to keep these former crime fighters out of action

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      306 C.B. Cebulski Karl Moline
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    1. C.B. Cebulski Karl Moline says:

      C.B. Cebulski Karl Moline Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Loners: The Secret Lives of Super Heroes book, this is one of the most wanted C.B. Cebulski Karl Moline author readers around the world.

    2 thoughts on “The Loners: The Secret Lives of Super Heroes

    1. No resultó ni la mitad de entretenido y gracioso que Runaways, la serie donde nacieron los personajes, pero sí un tercio, o por ahí. Los 21$ que me salió se vieron justificados, pero menos mal que no me salió más. Del tono paródico y humorístico que tenían los personajes cuando aparecieron en la serie de Vaughan originalmente queda poco y nada. Cebulski no se decide si hacer un drama, una comedia, una historia seria y pretenciosa, un relato ligero y paródico y se queda en muy poquitito [...]

    2. It was an interesting project idea: takes a bunch of low-level superheroes whose careers have gone bust, put them in a support group and have them try to lead normal, mortal lives. Cebulski tried to imbue them with mundane angst, but developed almost none of them past the first twenty pages. They don't change, there is only one instance of any interesting attempt at a non-super life, and most of it devolves into the standard tropes of sex, sadly staring out the window, or big fight scenes. Minus [...]

    3. I love the idea behind this, the art is good, the characters are what you would expect from superhero characters (plenty of baggage to go around). I just wished they were shown doing more mundane life things, I understand you only have 6 strips to tell the story but it feels like a lot of the things they could be doing to try and get their life grounded is being swept under the rug to get to the whole "we gotta play hero one last time" bit. Amd I understand a lot of the time those types of stori [...]

    4. I picked this up because it seemed like a premise in which I could get interested. The idea of a Superheroes Anonymous organization made up of former heroes trying to escape their abilities seemed rife with possibility.The first couple pages were a clever beginning as a woman's sponsor tries to talk her out of jumping off a building. However, instead of this being about suicide, he's trying to talk her out of flying. Okay, so if you already know the premise of the book, it's not a huge shock tha [...]

    5. This is a really interesting idea with some good choices in C-list characters. This Phil Urich is probably the most interesting of all -- everyone else either has their arc too muted (I think Maddie would either be more traumatized or more vengeful, no?) or is too trite. But it's very, very inconsistent from Green Goblin Phil AND Dan Slott Phil. (To say nothing of Runaways Phil. And where's Rick Jones?)Sadly this book ends with an awful lot of open questions. It would have been nice if this had [...]

    6. ::flings up hands:: Considering the way that Penance's -- excuse me -- Hollow's character has been screwed up over the years, you'd think I'd be able to let things go. Yeah, no. (I'm also blanking out the things I've been hearing about Jono and Jubes over in the New Warriors book. Lalalalala) That said, I do like this little team and wouldn't be adverse to seeing more of them, and the John Hughes covers are pretty neat.

    7. Not every teen hero makes it to the big leagues. CB Cebulski gathers a few of Marvel's one-shot teen heroes, asking them whether or not one can give up the heroic lifestyle. As each person struggles with their "addiction," we must ask ourselves the same question. A nice little collection that really needed a second volume to get going.

    8. In the post Marvel Civil War climate; this is about a group of "recovering" C-List superheroes who, of course, fall off the wagon. Plumbs the depths of the Marvel Universe mythology in a satisfying way but has some disjointed scripting and flat, undeveloped fight scenes. Ultimately, this is only an okay read.

    9. This was excellent and there simply has to be more. Combining the best things about early Runaways and Alias with group of characters averaging an age somewhere between the end of high school and early 30s this book is a requisite for any college graduate who enjoys comic books. Please, please Marvel give us some more of the good stuff.

    10. Loners was not what I expected, but I always like some of the characters in the book. I thought that their angst and troubles were not well thought out and the motivations for their actions not that clear.It was nice to see some of the more minor characters in Marvel have a moment and I always was a sucker for the underdog heroes that didn't get their own books. So although I thought it ended in the middle of a story (probably because they cancelled the comic). I enjoy the short time I spent wit [...]

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