Stories from the Twilight Zone Rod Serling became a cultural icon of the th Century with his creation The Twilight Zone which than years later was nominated by the Writers Guild of America as the third best written television

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  • Rod Serling became a cultural icon of the 20th Century with his creation The Twilight Zone, which than 50 years later was nominated by the Writers Guild of America as the third best written television series of the past seventy years Of the 156 Twilight Zone episodes, Serling wrote 92 In the early 1960s, Rod Serling, novelized nineteen 19 of his scripts and pubRod Serling became a cultural icon of the 20th Century with his creation The Twilight Zone, which than 50 years later was nominated by the Writers Guild of America as the third best written television series of the past seventy years Of the 156 Twilight Zone episodes, Serling wrote 92 In the early 1960s, Rod Serling, novelized nineteen 19 of his scripts and published them in three volumes this is the first In this volume, you will read about a baseball pitcher with magical powers a self centered hypochondriac a nostalgic journey back to childhood a self righteous domineering husband getting his comeuppance the panic of a man with no memory finding himself alone in an empty town and the destructive combination of fear and mob mentality.

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      Rodman Edward Rod Serling December 25, 1924 June 28, 1975 was an American screenwriter and television producer, best known for his live television dramas of the 1950s and his science fiction anthology TV series, The Twilight Zone.

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    1. Picture, if you will, a collection of tales. A robot plays baseball for the Brooklyn Dodgers. A man trades his soul for eternal life. A man is able to return to his childhood and try to make a change for the better. A married couple goes to Las Vegas and gets a prize they hadn't counted on. A man wakes up and finds he's the last living thing on Earth. Aliens invade a neighborhood. Tales are not always what they first seem to be at first glance, as you realize when you enter the Twilight Zone.Sto [...]

    2. Any fan of horror or sci-fi or even just the nostalgia of the 20th century will appreciate and love all the stories in this book; The Twilight Zone's best episodes are chronicled here in story format that not only reflects excellent writing, but also the culture and visions of the times.*On a side note, it's very sad that Rod Serling died, he was a wonderful narrator and brilliant writer. :(

    3. Picture if you willa storyteller who uses a cathrode ray as a paintbrush. This quiet man with an unmoving face and a smirk as permanent as the Mona Lisa's smile is such an individual.What happens when he trades the light from behind the screen, for the one behind the eyes? Will his twisted tales of modern philosophy be as effective as literature?Or will they be mere shadows of themselves the Twilight Zone?---The answer is: Rod Serling is also a good story writer! It's interesting to see how remo [...]

    4. I am a big fan of the TV series. The Twilight Zone. some of the best writers supplied scripts and short stories that were turned into episodes. Rod Serling of course was one of the talented writers who churned out some very good short stories for Twilight Zone episodes. this book first came out in about 1960. it contains six stories favorite stories were," Walking Distance." Where a thirty something man misses the the town he grew up in. Unhappy with his life he walks back to his town and finds [...]

    5. A solid prose retelling of several creepy, hilarious & poignant tales from this most classic of television series. This short story collection fired my imagination and stoked my literary passionsfeelings all good books should aspire to ignite.

    6. I found this book in my hometown’s train station where there’s a “take a book, leave a book” carousel. I enjoy random books. They give me a little thrill.Back on topic! Rod Serling created The Twilight Zone &, later, re-wrote some of the episodes in prose form, which is how this book came to be! I looked up Serling in order to write that one little sentence, but that completely changed how I interpreted the stories I just finished reading.Apparently, Hollywood referred to Serling as [...]

    7. Excellent. Some stories a little heavy-handed - but that's just part of what's become the Sterling Charm. And if you've seen most of the episodes, you've probably seen these. But the best one - better as a story, I think - was "Walking Distance" and "Where is Everybody?"

    8. Sooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooood :D!!! An imagination and story telling like no other. This book and collection is truly timeless :D :D

    9. Una gran selección de historias representativas de la serie, un lenguaje sencillo que permite una fácil y divertida lectura, historias variopintas que dejan un mensaje, totalmente para fans de The Twilight Zone, solo un detalle, el índice no es correcto en el sentido de que la numeración de las hojas está mal, pero quitando ese detalle es casi perfecto, espero poder leer los otros dos tomos pronto, aún insisto en el efecto Mandela y que hasta hace un par de semanas era "Sterling" y no "Ser [...]

    10. Rod Serling is an amazing story teller. His tales mix for me a sense of nostalgia and curiosity. These six tales are only a few of his beautiful tales but still amazing. The edition I am reading still has the 50 cents price and the mail in order form which I wish I could still use. I've never had the pleasure of using one but I can imagine the sense of wonder it exalts.

    11. I thought at this was amazing! I am a Twilight Zone fan and have seen and own the stories that were in the book! It was amazing watching them, but it was even more amazing reading them and getting the story in between. I think any one that love The Twilight Zone will love reading this book!

    12. The stories were ok, but often a little boring. This might be because we have a different idea of horror nowadays. I especially enjoyed The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street because in its simplicity it is really scary. Maybe human nature is the true horror

    13. You are traveling through a world of print and wonder, a tribute to the human strength of emotion and imagination, a world of transformed memories and expectations blown askew. Look, there’s a book cover up ahead. You’re entering The Twilight Zone. Case in point, an aging university professor and writer whose volumes have disappeared from even the dusty shelves of remaindered merchandise, a baby boomer whose first experience with fantasy and science-fiction was the black and white images on [...]

    14. Stories from the Twilight Zone was published in 1960 and is, I believe, the first collection of adaptations from the series. All six of the tales in this book aired as episodes of the series and all were written by Rod Serling himself.In "The Mighty Casey," it's tryout day for the foundering Brooklyn Dodgers and team manager "Mouth" McGarry is sick and tired of scraping the bottom of the barrel to find pitchers, until a tall, lean kid named Casey turns up with an unbelievable throwing arm—or p [...]

    15. From the fertile and seemingly boundless imagination of Rod Serling, Stories from the Twilight Zone presents six Serling-penned short stories adapted from episodes of his classic TV series.While most people will always and only know Serling through his television work, getting reintroduced to him as a writer of prose fiction is a fun and rewarding experience. He is an engrossing writer, fashioning strange and suspenseful tales that hook you in with their curious descriptions, unusual characters, [...]

    16. Rod Serling is still The Man as far as I'm concerned, but somehow I didn't love several of these stories the way I did when I was a 12 or 13 year old horror, sci-fi, and monster movie geek. Serling could seriously work one fine turn of a phrase, but often had a tendency to get a bit preachy (check out "The Shelter" for some serious lecturing about The Evil That Men Do) or overly sentimental (the Christmas-themed "Night of the Meek" or "A Stop at Willoughby"); I also found that most of the humoro [...]

    17. These are all adaptations of Twilight Zone episodes that were broadcast in 1959. Each one has a transcript of Rod Serling's voice-over at the end of the story. There is nothing really profound about any of the stories. They are really just light entertainment and might be considered a bit of fluff. However, they are still entertaining. Reading them was a real nostalgia trip for me. I can't say that I was there to watch them in 1959, but they continued to be replayed in reruns for decades afterwa [...]

    18. I really enjoy The Twilight Zone--there's just something so economic in the storytelling that appeals to me. Not to mention some of the best plot twists in television history.I picked up this collection because I was interested to read what was added to the television episodes. Serling's stories do paint a deeper picture, but I'm not sure any of these stories were better than the original shows. More than once I felt the stories were dragging a bit, but I wonder if that might just be because I a [...]

    19. The Twilight Zone: Complete Stories is a hardcover collector’s edition containing three smaller paperback volumes totaling 19 short stories written by Rod Serling. These 19 short stories are actual episodes of the iconic television series. This review takes a look at the first installment, 1960’s Stories From The Twilight Zone. All six of these short stories appeared as episodes in the inaugural season. I’ve included the episode numbers, original air date, and a synopsis along with review [...]

    20. Doesn't just about everyone over 30 remember Rod Serling? His legendary stories combined together into a TV series "The Twilight Zone" was a masterpiece display of the 92 stories he wrote himself and the additional 74 stories his hired writer developed. The series ran from 1959 to 1964 and is often presented in Marathon formats throughout the years. This book offers up five of his earlier stories, includes a lead-in piece by his daugher, and then concludes each story with what was said and how t [...]

    21. I read these stories on and off through the year. They are of their time, illustrating the fears and moral compass of the 50s/ early 60s very well. They are also a surprisingly good read. I was never a huge Twilight Zone tv series fan, but occasionally an episode would grab me. The stories have aged very well (arguably better than the TV series) and there were a number which gave me a delightful cold ripple down my spine as I read. Others were just gripping stories.

    22. Just like you were there. Don't get sidetracked by the beginning of the book describing the writing of Rod Serling. Once the stories started I was hooked. You can hear Rod Serling as the stories unfold. You feel as if you are right there. And some of the stories have a familiar ring to them. Did I remember them from The Twilight Zone series in the 60's? Must have made an impression then as they did now.

    23. Another of my beloved texts from middle school. A great collection of stories from an amazing array of authors. Serling, like Hitchcock, knew to choose strong writing. Great for MG kids to whom the themes will be familiar, but the specific stories probably not, and for adults who've avoided SF/F in the past. Pure happy nostalgia for fans like me.

    24. Rod Serling is a genius. Period. Ahead of his time, he wrote some of the best screenplays in television history and it's a delight to read some of them in literary format. A lot of movies and TV series of our times have clearly been inspired on that dimension of light, shadow and substance the Twilight Zone.

    25. I guess we can see why Serling wasn't a short story writer. The best of the batch is "Walking Distance"--and the only one that possibly adds anything to the filmed version. And "Where Is Everybody" was alright. Everything else comes across as rather belabored and overdone.

    26. The Mighty Casey • novelette by Rod Serling Escape Clause • novelette by Rod Serling Walking Distance • novelette by Rod Serling The Fever • novelette by Rod Serling Where Is Everybody? • novelette by Rod Serling The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street • novelette by Rod Serling

    27. These were some really fun stories to read and the only real flaw is that they were so dated. It's hard to fault Serling for that - they were stories for their times. It would be fun to see those old shows now that I've read them.

    28. Very vivid. As each scene played out, I saw a clear mental picture of Rod Serling's descriptions. Eery, poignant, and nostalgic. (I'm pretty sure I had seen each of these episodes before reading this.I hope to learn more about the life of Rod Serling.

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