The Death Box Detective Carson Ryder faces his most terrifying adversary yet in this nail biting thriller from the author of Her Last Scream Carson Ryder thought he d seen everythingA specialist in twisted crimes

  • Title: The Death Box
  • Author: J.A. Kerley
  • ISBN: 9780007493654
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • Detective Carson Ryder faces his most terrifying adversary yet in this nail biting thriller from the author of Her Last Scream.Carson Ryder thought he d seen everythingA specialist in twisted crimes, Detective Carson Ryder thought he d seen the lowest depths of human depravity But he s barely started his new job in Miami when called to a horrific scene a concrete pillaDetective Carson Ryder faces his most terrifying adversary yet in this nail biting thriller from the author of Her Last Scream.Carson Ryder thought he d seen everythingA specialist in twisted crimes, Detective Carson Ryder thought he d seen the lowest depths of human depravity But he s barely started his new job in Miami when called to a horrific scene a concrete pillar built of human remains, their agony forever frozen in stone.Finding the secret of the pillar drags him into the sordid world of human trafficking, where one terrified girl holds the key to unraveling a web of pain, prostitution and murder There s just one problem Ryder s not the only one chasing the girl.And the others will kill to keep the secret safe.

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      365 J.A. Kerley
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    1. I’m currently relishing catching up with this series, after somehow overlooking the last two releases- The Memory Killer (published in June) is next on the list. In a change of direction, Detective Carson Ryder has upped sticks and moved from the sultry climes of his native Mobile in Alabama to Miami, as part of the team of consulting specialists at the Florida Centre for Law Enforcement. His reputation as a man in tune with the mental processes of the most dark and depraved criminal minds, ha [...]

    2. "September 12, 2017 – page 20952.25% "OKay Okay I was pretty rough with this bookThe Cover is awesome it deserv one star, right?"September 12, 2017 – page 20952.25% "1:19:36"September 12, 2017 – page 20952.25% "NO NO book has ever been as suspensful as a film/movie/series"September 12, 2017 – page 20952.25% "I am bored and it continuesWHAT THA FACK"September 12, 2017 – page 18546.25% "Chapter 34"September 11, 2017 – page 18546.25%September 11, 2017 – page 15739.25%September 11, 201 [...]

    3. I’ve been reading about Carson Ryder since around the halfway mark with book 5 (this is book 10 in the series). Carson Ryder books are incredibly readable (if you know what I mean). They may not be books that have a major impact at the time, but there is something about this series which keeps me (and plenty of others) coming back for more. This book however is by far my favourite and was an absolutely fantastic read. Carson is a pretty cool character and his old partner Harry was also a favou [...]

    4. These books are not released quick enough in result to the speed in which i devour them.Blood brother (book four) was one of the first crime books I read and is the main reason I am addictted to this genre and especially this series. Mr. Kerley keeps the reader hooked especially with his endings where Jeremey is returning for fun and games with his brother. Though it is not full of scientific detail etc. it still pulls the reader into the scenes and gives them the sense that they are there.Canno [...]

    5. Carson is on the hunt for people traffickers, his first case after his move to Miami. This is a fresh direction in a long running series which I have beenading since the start. It works well as a stand alone as the salient backstory points are filled in neatly and are not overly stressed for us series readers. The plot is not overly complicated as it follows the story of Leala, a trafficked Honduran, and Carson's investigation but there are enough twists and turns to keep you in "just another ch [...]

    6. I kind of hate myself for enjoying this book. The scenes of sexual violence are stomach churning and horrible to read. But then human trafficking is horrible and the idea of women trafficked into sex slavery is even more horrible. Sometimes, I am not sure why I read books like this. Probably to lose myself in something far more awful than my own real life? Because the "goody" wins in the end (mostly)? I don't know.

    7. Detective Carson Ryder is at the top of his profession, a detective whose specialty is the detection and capture of serial killers. When he decides to leave his home in Mobile, Alabama, he is quickly offered a job in Miami. He barely gets into town when his services are needed as a horrific discovery has been made. An old cistern on deserted land has been found. In it is a solid column of concrete. Concrete mixed with bodies, their final resting place a frieze of torture and death. Ryder starts [...]

    8. One of my favourite crime authors is J.A Kerley , ever since I read my first Carson Ryder book "The Hundreth Man" I have been hooked with his adventures and of course Jeremy's. At the end of the last book, we read as Carson retired from the force leaving behind his old life and partner Harry Nautilus and his dog Old Mix. He packed up everything he had and drove off into the sunset or in this case Miami where he was to work in a new job. Cruisy is what Carson was hoping for, but instead he got hi [...]

    9. I tried! Oh how I tried! But eventually I had to give up on this installment of the Carson Ryder series. It was a Death Book let alone a Death Box.I can't think of any other author who is this hit and miss in their novels. I will read one and absolutely love it, look forward to the next one and then BOOM terrible reading.This novel was full of coarse sexual scenes that were supposed to show the harsh life of the slaves, but ended up just growing repetative and I ended up just skipping them oh an [...]

    10. I've never known an author to have such hit and miss books as Jack Kerley. I really enjoyed his last book but this one, despite having a plot I thought could be quite interesting, just dragged for me.I liked that Carson has moved to a different town because I felt that might freshen him up as a character. I liked his new team and I especially liked the Carson didn't sleep with any of them, because I'm kind of bored of all his random relationships. I thought that the balance of Jeremy was just ri [...]

    11. This isn't J.A. Kerley's best work. In fact, I found it the least enjoyable of all his books,There was something lacking in the cohesion of the characters. They were so separate from one another and I didn't feel like I really got to know any of them at all. As a result, they were fairly one-dimensional, including our hero Carson Ryder.There was a bright side. I think Ryder only addressed one woman as 'miz' in the book, and only the one time. Mileage may vary, but I find the constant addressing [...]

    12. It is my first book from Carson Ryder stories. I haven’t read the previous books in the series and I didn’t know what to expect. I picked up it from the general reviews. And the choice was perfect. It is no.10 but the first one when Carson Ryder is moving with his work to FCLE in Florida. Really gripping story about the disappearing people, human trafficking, prostitution and murder. Great characters and story itself keep you reading without stopping. I am looking to the next book with Carso [...]

    13. The ending of this book was just perfect! Just when you thought there were no more surprises, and that you could start to relax…BOOM! Major plot twist at the end. OK…maybe not THAT major, some of you more savvy readers may have seen this coming, but I still think it was a perfect way to end the book, and leave me desperate to start the next one!This book overall was just satisfying to read. It was nice that the author has chosen to change the scenery a little bit. Leaving us with Carson, our [...]

    14. I've enjoyed the whole serie of Carson Ryder, that's why my rating to this last novel is below the average. It's not a Carson Ryder episode of the serie, it's out of the screenplay, few connections with previos books: if you change the name Carson Ryder with another name, you couldn't understand it's #10. New location, new colleagues, new employment. It lacks of clue and mystery, everything is disclosed or understandable very early in the novel, so the final is easy to understand since 2/3 of th [...]

    15. Love Jack Kerley, as always the drama and tension is present right at the beginning of the book. Carson has moved to Florida to join another investigative team, and before he even starts a gruesome discovery has him leading the team.It's a good book in the series, disappointed Harry wasn't in it, Carson's partner from earlier books. But Jeremy makes a long awaited appearance in the final chapter. The book seemed to end too quickly, I think is my only criticism. There was a huge build up but the [...]

    16. One of the best books I've read this year! Read over 2 days - I couldn't put it down. Mobile detective Carson Ryder has relocated to Miami Florida and has a new partner, 'Ziggy' Gershwin. I was a bit apprehensive at first about this transition for Carson, but I've got to say, this book has really freshened up this series and given it a new direction. Also, the appearance of Carson's loveable psychopathic brother Jeremy is always welcomed & the hint of us perhaps seeing more of Jeremy in futu [...]

    17. I love J.A. Kerley's character's and I did enjoy this story but I felt it was a bit rushed and phoned in work, not as complete as previous works but with a fabulous storyline just not enough time was taken to write it intrigingly as hello who didn't guess every aspect, the subplot of the new team was just stupid, and who didn't see the subplot of the brother a million miles away. I look forward to the next book as I have missed Carson's brother and he's back! Take your time and write it properly [...]

    18. I've been a fan of Kerley and the Carson character for some time and was eager to read this book. However, I found the violence in the book too much and didn't get more than 1/4 of the way through. It wasn't that the violence was so descriptive, in fact much of it was alluded to with few details, it was the fact that the violence was so utterly depraved and inhumane.I was eager to see what Carson was up to with his move to Florida, but I had to give it a big pass.

    19. This was Ok - not as good as some of his previous books but a good story, Ryder has left the Mobile police and taken a job with The Florida Centre for Law Enforcement.His first case has quite a lot going on, gangsters, murder, trafficking, his new partner is not quite as good as Harry but has potential.

    20. Another exciting, suspenseful, and violent Carson Ryder investigation. This time, Carson is working away from Alabama, in sunny Florida. Harry Nautilus is not present in this story but we are introduced to Ziggy, the new young partner. The suspense builds up to the fast chase of an ending. Highly recommended like all previous Kerley novels.

    21. Ryder leaves Alabama behind for the bright lights of Miami and a new job with the FCLE. His first case concerns human trafficking and he pursues it to the inevitable ending. Some great new characters and a possible new love interest for the delightful Carson Ryder.

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