The Governess of Highland Hall Worlds lie between the marketplaces of India and the halls of a magnificent country estate like Highland Hall Will Julia be able to find her place when a governess is neither upstairs family nor downs

  • Title: The Governess of Highland Hall
  • Author: Carrie Turansky
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  • Page: 195
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Worlds lie between the marketplaces of India and the halls of a magnificent country estate like Highland Hall Will Julia be able to find her place when a governess is neither upstairs family nor downstairs help Missionary Julia Foster loves working alongside her parents, ministering and caring for young girls in India But when the family must return to England due to iWorlds lie between the marketplaces of India and the halls of a magnificent country estate like Highland Hall Will Julia be able to find her place when a governess is neither upstairs family nor downstairs help Missionary Julia Foster loves working alongside her parents, ministering and caring for young girls in India But when the family must return to England due to illness, she readily accepts the burden for her parents financial support Taking on a job at Highland Hall as governess, she quickly finds that teaching her four privileged, ill mannered charges at a grand estate is challenging than expected, and she isn t sure what to make of the estate s preoccupied master, Sir William Ramsey Widowed and left to care for his two young children and his deceased cousin Randolph s two teenage girls, William is consumed with saving the estate from the financial ruin The last thing he needs is any distraction coming from the kindhearted yet determined governess who seems to be quietly transforming his household with her persuasive personality, vibrant prayer life, and strong faith While both are tending past wounds and guarding fragile secrets, Julia and William are determined to do what it takes to save their families common ground that proves fertile for unexpected feelings But will William choose Julia s steadfast heart and faith over the wealth and power he needs to secure Highland Hall s future

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    1. Carrie Turansky says:

      Carrie Turansky is the award winning author of eighteen inspirational romance novels and novellas She has won the ACFW Carol Award, the International Digital Award, and the Crystal Globe Award Her most recent releases are Waiting for His Return and Shine Like the Dawn Across the Blue releases 2 20 18 She lives in New Jersey with her husband, Scott, who is a pastor, author, speaker and counselor Carrie leads women s ministry at her church, and when she is not writing she enjoys gardening, flower arranging, and cooking healthy meals for friends and family Connect with Carrie on her website carrieturansky, GoodReads, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

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    1. I am so excited to share this novel with all my reading friends! I hope you enjoy the story!The Governess of Highland Hall is a historical romance set in England in 1911-1912. During the Edwardian Era wealth and social standing ruled the day. But when Julia Foster, a spirited young governess and former missionary to India, arrives at Highland Hall to care for Sir William Ramsey’s two children and teenage cousins, everything changes. William has recently inherited his late cousin’s title and [...]

    2. October 1911 Berkshire, England. Julia Foster has been living in India with her family doing missionary work, but her father's illness brings the family back to England and she takes the job as governess to Sir William Ramsey's two children. There's also a couple of older girls in the house (nieces I think), plus Sir William's on-the-shelf supposedly unmarriageable sister. William wasn't raised to be the lord of the manor, but a few inconvenient deaths in the family left it all in his hands, and [...]

    3. Carrie Turansky takes her readers back to 1911, England, where we will meet some fascinating characters between the walls of Highland Hall.Julia Foster spent twelve years in India, helping her parents with missionary work among young girls. Her father’s health declined and they had to return to England. Now it is Julia’s task to financially care for her parents. She finds a job as governess at Highland Hall—a beautiful estate with Sir William Ramsey as the new master.Sir William is a widow [...]

    4. PACK UP YOUR BAGS, DOWNTON ABBEY FANS! YOU’LL LOVE RELOCATING TO HIGHLAND HALL!Set in the same time period as Downton Abbey, The Governess of Highland Hall (Book one of the Edwardian Brides Series) by Carrie Turansky, opens with Julia Foster seeking employment as a governess. In 1900’s England, there is little else a former missionary to India can do to help support her mother and sick father.She is hired by the handsome, temperamental Sir William Ramsey who has also experienced a significan [...]

    5. The Governess of Highland Hall invited me to a 1911 English country estate and introduced me to Julia Foster at the moment she’s forced on an uncertain life-path. After twelve years of missionary work in India, her father’s illness has returned her family to England with insufficient income. Although lacking some needed skills, Julia secures a governess position in a grand house. Her added responsibility for the master’s two teenaged nieces, who itch to enter society and abhor authority, m [...]

    6. This was a beautiful book. It was rich, deep, and inspiring. I thoroughly enjoyed it and gobbled it up in a few days, unable to put it down. "Giving your heart away before you are certain of a man's character and commitment is dangerous. You must discern his true intentions or you'll pay a high price." Religious, principled and courageous missionary Julia Foster arrives at Highland Hall in the hopes of securing the post of governess to Sir William's two children and two cousins. Sir William is a [...]

    7. The Governess of Highland Hall is a beautiful romance set in England in the early 1900's. Fans of Downton Abbey will appreciate the wonderful descriptions of the estate, as well as the many people who live and work there. I truly enjoyed the descriptions of both the wealthy family members living in Highland Hall and the servants working there.The story begins as Julia Foster, who has returned to England after serving as a missionary in India, is hired to be the governess of Sir William Ramsey's [...]

    8. 4.5 starsThis story was a delight! The plot kept turning in unexpected directions, which was delightful; the surprise directions kept me turning the pages. And, while I might have predicted the romance, I would not have guessed its exact form or scenes or its process of development. I will gladly be diving into the next book in the hopefully-near future.

    9. I really, really, really liked this book. I also did not expect to like it as much as I did.For one, I honestly had not heard of the author before, but I can guarantee you that I will be looking for more from her soon. Anyway, on to the actual book. It's setting is amazing. I love that it is late enough in history to have automobiles, but early enough to still be set in the grand, opulent halls of an old English manor. The setting reminds me somewhat of Downton Abbey.I loved the added touch of t [...]

    10. Julia Foster’s life takes a drastic turn when she and her parents leave India, where they were missionaries, and return to England. Julia takes a position as a governess, but her misbehaving wards challenge her as she never expected. So does their handsome but preoccupied father, William Ramsey, who seems too caught up in his business affairs to pay any attention to his needy children. Through kindness and prayers, Julia slowly breaks down the walls of prejudice and pride. But just when she fe [...]

    11. 3.5 starsI'm so happy I finally tried a novel by this author! She has a sweet feel to her stories, combining several POV to bring out each character. The first half of this book was really good, especially the spiritual content that flowed so well with the rest of the story. The last half of the book was a little weaker. Even descriptions seemed to be lacking, and I started getting really annoyed with William for (view spoiler)[not trusting Julia just because his wife was so deceitful (hide sp [...]

    12. Historical Romance At Its Finest!In The Governess of Highland Hall, author Carrie Turansky has crafted a wonderful Edwardian era novel set in England; replete with dashing lords and ladies, and opulent mansions with magnificent decornetheless behind those ornate doors also lurk secrets, pain, and hidden passions. A missionary in India, Julia Foster has returned to England because of her father's illness and procures a position as governess of Highland Hall, a wealthy estate owned by the handsome [...]

    13. The Governess of Highland Hall is a sweet Edwardian romance filled with lovable characters, heartwarming sentiment, and valuable lessons of faith.Julia was a different type of heroine; I'd never read a fiction book where the main character was a missionary. I appreciated the example she gave of keeping the faith through thick and thin- so often our heroines give up, or simply get worn thin in their spiritual life, and we are to learn from their mistakes; Julia was a nice break from the norm, pro [...]

    14. Julia Foster returned from the missionary field in India with her parents after being there twelve years. The Fosters returned to England due to her father’s declining health. Julia sets out to find work to help support her family while Mr. Foster recovers. She applies for the governess position and is accepted.As governess, Miss Foster is responsible for Sir William Ramsey’s two small children and his two teenage nieces. Julia exudes style and grace but is not afraid to speak her mind, whic [...]

    15. I am honored to be an advanced copy reader of Carrie Turansky's new novel, The Governess of Highland Hall.The story carries us to a wonderful time in the country side of England and brings you to the middle of the characters and their full lives. It is truly an experience to read this book as if we were able to travel in space and time to be at Highland Hall in Edwardian England.Carrie has an amazing talent to weave her own Christian faith into the stories, without preaching to the reader in the [...]

    16. Re-read January 2018:Upping the rating from 4 stars to 4.5. I still think the ending was a little rushed, but the faith elements were quite incredible.Original Read May 2016:The Governess of Highland Hall is an adorable romance with a wonderful message. The Christian content was inspiring. The characters were wonderful. While I liked Julia and William, the two children she was caring for, Andrew and Millie. They were so cute! :DOne of the most wonderful things about this book was the easy POV sw [...]

    17. This book is being added to my favorites shelf, and I'm sure I'll be revisiting it again. This is the first book I've read (or actually listened to since I purchased the audiobook.) by Carrie Turansky, but I loved it. It's very sweet and clean, and the characters felt real. There was an authentic depth to the characters and I found myself relating to them in many ways. I loved Julia, but I think my favorite character was actually Sarah. Carrie masterfully wove in threads about waiting on God and [...]

    18. Despite a Master's in History, I rarely read historical fiction but I thoroughly enjoyed The Governess of Highland Hall.For fans of Downton Abbey, readers will enjoy the upstairs/downstairs romance of this historical novel set in Edwardian England. Carrie Turansky brings the character and setting to vivid life with painstakingly accurate details so that readers will find themselves swept away to a time forever past. Sir William Ramsay and Julia Foster, who becomes the governess to his children, [...]

    19. My CommentsI’ve never seen Downton Abbey and historical fiction is not my preferred genre, but I fell in love with Carrie’s writing after reading Seeking His Love and I knew her latest book was not to be missed. I found Highland Hall to be a precious story filled with mischief, division, betrayal, sacrifice, family, beauty and the most noble of character from the most underestimated person in the story, Julia herself.When Julia arrives at Highland Hall, everything is in disarray and despite [...]

    20. When Julia Foster returns with her mother and ailing father from a missionary’s life in India, she must find employment to support her parents during their time of need. Thus, she becomes the Governess of Highland Hall. Although her younger two charges, Sir William Ramsey’s children, are eager to please their new governess, the baronet’s cousins resist the necessity of having a governess as they approach the time for the social season in London. When Julia realizes her position as governes [...]

    21. Can a titled gentleman and a lowly governess find happiness together at Highland Hall? With his inherited estate in serious financial distress, Sir William Ramsey is seeking ways to save his family inheritance and raise his two young children alone, since his wife's death two years earlier. He's also recently become guardian to his brother's teenage daughters, Katherine and Penelope. With little experience in managing an estate, let alone children, we see the struggles that William faces and how [...]

    22. Carrie Turansky does terrific job of defining and showing the class divisions of a great house during the Edwardian Era. Julia Foster takes on the job of governess to Baronet William Ramsey's two children and cousins, after living most of her life in India as a missionary with her parents helping young girls out of undesirable situations. William is the new heir to Highland Hall,but because of the past indiscretions of the former owner and the high death tolls he is at rick of losing it before h [...]

    23. As soon as I saw the cover of The Governess of Highland Hall I figured it was going to be a book I enjoyed. I was definitely right about that!The Governess of Highland Hall is the story of Julia, a young woman who has been serving several years in India with her parents as a missionary. When her father became ill, Julia and her parents returned to England and Julia now seeks employment in order to help ease her parent’s financial burden. Applying to be a governess, Julia is hired at Highland H [...]

    24. I loved this book! I can't wait to read more in the series. It really is like Downtown Abbey, which I love as well. Some of the characters you just wanted to smack. They were not nice at all, but I love Julia, the kids, and of course William. He had some issues but he worked through them. I thought the love that blossomed between Sarah and Clark. It was so special and sweet. That is the kind of love I hope to find some day :) Thank you for such a wonderful book!

    25. This book should probably rate higher but I thought it only okay so 2 stars it is.Final thoughts:I would've told every character off at least once and might have been disowned by the family pretty much right away.

    26. One of the best things about reviewing books is that sometimes I get to preview a book that isn't even on shelves yet. It is an amazing thing to hold a book and drink in the thought that I might be the very first reader to turn its pages. Okay, so maybe other people have already read it, but it doesn't hurt to hope does it??As I held The Governess of Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky the first thought I had was the pure joy of holding a new book. I am a new book addict. It doesn't have to be "bra [...]

    27. Julia Foster is the woman that every young woman should strive to be like, in this reader's opinion. Ms. Foster was beautiful on the inside, trying to let her light for Christ show- no matter what circumstance she might find herself within. Was she perfect? Of course not, no one but Jesus was; however, she did strive to live everyday to please her Savior the best that she could. William Ramsey suffered in many different areas due to past circumstances that was beyond his control, but his luck se [...]

    28. I listened to this one on audio book, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was impressed when almost immediately there were references to Scripture, praying, and trusting God. I would say that the spiritual content was pretty solid throughout the entire book. Julia was constantly trying to seek and follow God. I felt like it gave a really good message about following God’s calling—not just based on what He has called one to do in the past, but what He is calling them to do in the present. I really l [...]

    29. Wednesday, August 14, 2013The Governess of Highland Hall, a novel by Carrie Turansky, ©2013~*governess*~a woman teacher employed in a private household to teach and train the childrenBook 1 of the Edwardian Brides Series, releases October 15, paperback and eBook. Available for pre-order now.WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing GroupISBN 10: 1601424965ISBN 13: 9781601424969Two worlds . . . one calling. In 1911 Julia travels from the exotic land of India to Highland Hall, a magnificent English country [...]

    30. About this book:“Worlds lie between the marketplaces of India and the halls of a magnificent country estate like Highland Hall. Will Julia be able to find her place when a governess is neither upstairs family nor downstairs help?Missionary Julia Foster loves working alongside her parents, ministering and caring for young girls in India. But when the family must return to England due to illness, she readily accepts the burden for her parents’ financial support. Taking on a job at Highland Hal [...]

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