Sheila Kenangan yang Hilang Gadis empat belas tahun itu bertubuh kurus berambut keriting warna oranye menyala dan bergaya ala punk Bila Torey Hayden berpapasan dengannya di jalan dia takkan pernah mengenalinya sebagai Sheila

  • Title: Sheila: Kenangan yang Hilang
  • Author: Torey L. Hayden
  • ISBN: 9789793269078
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gadis empat belas tahun itu bertubuh kurus, berambut keriting warna oranye menyala, dan bergaya ala punk Bila Torey Hayden berpapasan dengannya di jalan, dia takkan pernah mengenalinya sebagai Sheila, gadis kecil cantik berambut pirang lurus yang dulu pernah menjadi muridnya Tapi, itulah Sheila kini Sheila remaja Tujuh tahun setelah berpisah dengan Torey.Dan Sheila yanGadis empat belas tahun itu bertubuh kurus, berambut keriting warna oranye menyala, dan bergaya ala punk Bila Torey Hayden berpapasan dengannya di jalan, dia takkan pernah mengenalinya sebagai Sheila, gadis kecil cantik berambut pirang lurus yang dulu pernah menjadi muridnya Tapi, itulah Sheila kini Sheila remaja Tujuh tahun setelah berpisah dengan Torey.Dan Sheila yang sekarang, sama bermasalahnya dengan Sheila kecil yang tega membakar seorang anak lelaki berusia tiga tahun sampai nyaris mati.Pilu melihat betapa kasih dan usahanya mengajarkan cinta kepada Sheila seolah tak berarti apa apa, Torey tetap tak mau menyerah Meski Sheila kembali menculik seorang anak lelaki, meski Sheila berkali kali kabur darinya, meski Sheila masih menaruh dendam kepadanya, mseki Sheila tak mau mendengar kata katanya Akan berhasilkah Torey membantu Sheila bangkit dari lingkaran trauma

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      272 Torey L. Hayden
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    About “Torey L. Hayden

    1. Torey L. Hayden says:

      Victoria Lynn Hayden, known as Torey L Hayden born May 21, 1951 in Livingston, Montana is a child psychologist, special education teacher, university lecturer and writer of non fiction books based on her real life experiences with teaching and counselling children with special needs.Subjects covered in her books include autism, Tourette syndrome, sexual abuse, fetal alcohol syndrome, and elective mutism now called selective mutism , her specialty.Hayden attended high school in Billings, Montana and graduated in 1969 She then attended Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington.A little time after having written her most famous book One Child, Hayden moved to Wales in 1980 and got married to a Scot called Ken two years later In 1985, she gave birth to her daughter Sheena Hayden is now divorced.She has also written three books of fiction in addition to her non fiction books.

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    1. O Amanhã de Sheila Uma vez reabilitada é legitimo perguntar o que terá sucedido a Sheila?!Depois de devolvida à sociedade, já fora do alcance e influência de Torey, que destino fôra o seu?Perdeu-se? Estabilizou?Regrediu? Evoluiu?Será que todo o trabalho desenvolvido por Torey no sentido da sua recuperação foi aproveitado e encaminhado?Ganhou asas e voou ou tornara-se Torey-dependente?"A Menina Que Nunca Chorava" destina-se àqueles que após a leitura de "A Criança Que Não Queria Fal [...]

    2. As a severely abused individual I related to this story. I grew up non trusting and still to this day aged 29 I cannot take. Sheila the beautiful little girl in this story went through hell and back, and worse still was all at such a young age. A teacher, this wonderful Author Torey Hayden too this little girl under her wing, she was blessed with patients and best yet her heart was full of love, love for children, love for job, and she believed in the children she taught and cared for.In three d [...]

    3. Após o livro "A criança que não queria falar", esta continuação deixou-me sem palavras. É uma mudança brusca na atitude de Sheila, antes uma menina calma e bonita em relação a Torey Hayden mas depois alguém selvagem devido a Tprey a ter abandonado. Mostra-nos a continuação e a persistência de Torey em ajudar a sua querida menina. Torey Hayden sempre me fascinou, e já li uns quantos livros dela mas penso que "a criança que não queria falar" e "a menina que nunca chorava" são os m [...]

    4. 3,5*Gostei mais do primeiro livro, talvez por a Sheila ser uma criança e chocar muito mais o que ia acontecendo.No entanto, este livro contém partes tão revoltantes como no primeiro, mesmo a Sheila sendo mais velha.

    5. I found this book in short depressing. That wonderful little girl we meet in One Child is long gone. She feels confused and angry at the world. To be honest I can see why she does. Not only her mother leaving her but her teacher as well? And then living with her good for nothing father. Probably being abused at foster homes the list goes on and on. As far as I'm concerned she does have a reason to rant and rave at the world. Also time and time again she mentions how things seemed different to he [...]

    6. The Tiger's Child, the sequel to Torey Hayden's "One Child", I felt was not as good as "One Child". I do commend Torey on all the dedication that she has shown this child throughout all of the years, even after they lost contact with eachother for years, the connection still was there and brought them back together. It was good to find out that "Sheila" survived all of the ordeals that was tossed her way and had gotten on with her life. I was disappointed though on the career path that she had c [...]

    7. Buku ini merupakan sambungan dari buku Sheila: Luka Hati Seorang Gadis Kecil. Sekarang Sheila sudah berusia 14 tahun, namun masih penuh dengan masalah. Saya lebih menikmati membaca kisah pertama dari kehidupan Sheila. Dalam buku pertama tersebut, saya lebih dapat merasakan pergumulan dan emosi Torey Hayden dalam menghadapi Sheila. Mungkin juga karena Sheila yang sekarang sudah lebih bisa ditangani daripada Sheila kecil berusia 6 tahun. Tapi, tetap sebuah buku yang menarik, khususnya bagi pembaca [...]

    8. Sabem daqueles livros que vocês pegam e dizem que pela sinopse parece ser um livro porreiro e fácil de ler? Não foi nada fácil, conta a história verídica de uma menina que não falava. Sofreu maus tratos, foi violada, cortada, enfim, não consegui chegar ao fim com a leitura porque era demasiado sofrido para uma pequenina só e de tal maneira que me emocionou que não consegui terminar a leitura. É uma pena que ainda há pessoas que não saibam o que fazem com as crianças.aviciadadoslivr [...]

    9. What a disappointment. There really wasn't much excitement in this book which is a good thing for Sheila, but makes a bad thing to publish. Do yourself a favor and skip reading the book. I'll tell you what happened: (view spoiler)[ Sheila grew into a semi-normal teenager. She still had some of the same fears, issues and attributes of her younger self. Her father went back on drugs so she was placed in foster homes where she was raped in one. Every home after that, she ran away from. She placed a [...]

    10. There's a point in this book where the author returns from vacation to find a letter from Sheila, the subject of this book; Sheila writes that she's planning to commit suicide. The letter had been sent at about the same time as Hayden had left for vacation. She tries to figure out how she can find out whether Sheila was still alive, but can't think how she would phrase the question to the staff of Sheila's group home; in the end, she does nothing and gets caught up in her other clients and activ [...]

    11. This is a story I read years ago and just recently revisited. As a pediatric and psych nurse, I have always been a fan of Hayden's books. This is the rare story that goes beyond what Hayden does in the special needs classroom with a five or six year old and actually gives us a glimpse of one of her students (Sheila) into early adulthood. This is the sequel to, One Child.Many readers comment that they don’t like this book as much as Hayden’s others. It has a different feel to it for sure sinc [...]

    12. Torey akhirnya menyelesaikan sekolahnya dan kembali mencari Sheila. Dia mengetahui perubahan pada diri Sheila dan mencoba memperbaikinya. Ternyata Sheila telah menjadi seperti benang kusut setelah Torey meninggalkannya. Dia tidak mau lagi mengingat masa lalu dan menjadi seorang gadis dengan kepribadian yang sangat jauh berbeda dari sebelumnya.Mengetahui hal tersebut, Torey mencoba mencari alasan mengapa Sheila berubah dan menemukan masa lalu yang kelam dalam kehidupan Sheila sejak mereka berpisa [...]

    13. Very interesting to read this follow-up to "One Child" and hear what later became of Sheila. I found the idea fascinating that Torey might actually have done as much harm as good in her way of treating Sheila back when she was 6. I can totally see both how Sheila (and her dad) might have seen it that way, and how horrified Torey would have been to discover that could have been the case.I didn't like this book quite as much as "One Child" though. Torey really didn't come off in the best light her [...]

    14. One in a series in which Hayden recalls her work as a teacher and therapist for psychologically disturbed children. In this particular book, she reconnects with Sheila, a six-year-old girl she worked with in a previous book who was prone to violent rages and elective mutism. Sheila is a teenager now, and by tracking the course of her life this book squarely confronts some of the difficulties inherent in the 1-year school approach, and in Hayden's books themselves. It's incredibly meta-analytical [...]

    15. Novel ini menuturkan kisah hidup seorang anak (Sheila) yang memiliki emosi sangat labil, akibat masa lalunya yang suram. Sebenarnya kisah Sehila yang diangkat oleh Torey, bukanlah satu-satunya kisah nyata, karena mungkin ada banyak anak-anak lain yang bernasib seperti Sehila;dari keluarga miskin yang broken, pernah dilecehkan secara seksual dan ditelantarkan. Akibatnya Sheila yang sebenarnya memiliki kemamapuan luar biasa dalam hal Iq dengan nilai di atas 180, justru memiliki banyak kendala dala [...]

    16. “Antara dahulu dan sekarang saya selalu percaya bahwa saya telah menyelamatkannya dari bencana terburuk. Kini, setelah menyadari bahwa bahkan ketika dia masih mengikuti kelas saya dia tetap menderita, saya merasa kesakitan. Kesakitan ini semakin menyiksa sekarang setelah saya tahu bahwa bahkan saya tidak tahu tentang penderitaannya.” (Torey ~ h. 264 hlm)Ulasan selengkapnya diSheila: Kenangan yang Hilang

    17. "Ensimmäinen osa" kirjasta oli aika järkyttävä ja koukuttava ja sai paljon uutta ajateltavaa tästä maailmasta. Joskus pääsee unohtumaan, ettei tämä ole kovin mukava paikka. Toinen osa taas oli aikalailla turha. Olihan se tietysti tavallaan mukava lukea onnellinen loppu, mutta jotenkin sen tädin ura ja ihmissuhteet jne. ei kiinnostanut pätkääkään. Jos kirjoitetaan kirja tytöstä, niin pysytään nyt sentäs aiheessa :D

    18. Again, the writing is fine but I feel the need to take away stars because I am uncomfortable about Hayden using this child's story in this way.As a follow-up to One Child, The Tiger's Child illustrates why we are so encouraged to have "healthy boundaries" in our work with children, in order not to cross over the fine line between helper and caregiver.When you've bathed and rocked and hair-dressed a child for a year, when you've taken them shopping and given them gifts, it's natural for that chil [...]

    19. Sheila, la bambina difficile che Torey ha recuperato con amore e dedizione in “La bambina” è cresciuta. Torey la ritrova dopo anni, come un’adolescente tormentata, in lotta contro gli spettri del passato e alla disperata ricerca di quella felicità che le consenta di entrare nella vita adulta. Non senza difficoltà Tory cerca di riallacciare il rapporto con Sheila, i cui ricordi della loro relazione passata sono macchiati da rabbia, accuse e incomprensione. A mio avviso meno emozionante d [...]

    20. "Ketika aku akan pergi ke suatu tempat yang baru, aku selalu berkata pada diriku sendiri, 'Aku akan memulai dari awal lagi sekarang.' Dan kemudian saat ada orang-orang baru menanyakan tentang kehidupanku sebelumnya, aku cuma bilang, 'Aku tidak ingat tentang itu.' Dan cepat sekali, kata-kata itu jadi kenyataan. Aku seakan dilahirkan kembali setiap saat dan semua yang ada sebelumnya telah tertinggal di kehidupanku yang telah lalu. Nyaris seolah-olah itu bukan aku."

    21. Ottimo seguito. Avendo letto di Torey per primo “Figli di nessuno”, mi sono ritrovata all’interno di quella trama, ove allora non sapevo cosa accadesse nella vita dell’autrice al di fuori della clinica in cui lavorava. Torey racconta di storie vere come sono andate, senza buonismo né autocompiacimento. Impara dagli errori facendone tesoro, interrogandosi e agendo spesso con il cuore. Non tutto va sempre come dovrebbe andare, ma dalle sue pagine la speranza emerge sempre. Grande.

    22. Not as engaging as her other books and I think it's because it goes back to one of her old cases and then jumps through time a lot. But I was interested in hearing what had happened to Sheila and I'm glad it didn't gloss over that she was great and everything was fine because it obviously wasn't.

    23. Sheila was a student in Torey Hayden's classroom, abandoned by her mother and abused/neglected by her alcoholic and drug-addicted father. This continuation of her story takes place seven years later. Torey and Sheila reconnect with each other when Sheila is 14. I didn't read the first book about Sheila (One Child), and jumped into this one after reading another book by this author, Ghost Girl. I liked this one better, mainly because I find Torey the therapist more believable than Torey the teach [...]

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