Il sale della vita Tutti conosciamo la felicit e malgrado ci ci sfugge Questo libro ci insegna a ritrovarne le tracce come briciole di pane nella memoria vacanze libri amici un pranzo in riva al mare la maionese

  • Title: Il sale della vita
  • Author: Françoise Héritier
  • ISBN: 9788817058933
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tutti conosciamo la felicit , e malgrado ci ci sfugge Questo libro ci insegna a ritrovarne le tracce, come briciole di pane nella memoria vacanze, libri, amici, un pranzo in riva al mare, la maionese fatta in casa, una foto in bianco e nero, la tromba di Chet Baker, le dune di Dakar, una serata speciale sotto la pioggia sottile di Parigi In un gioco di immagini, assoTutti conosciamo la felicit , e malgrado ci ci sfugge Questo libro ci insegna a ritrovarne le tracce, come briciole di pane nella memoria vacanze, libri, amici, un pranzo in riva al mare, la maionese fatta in casa, una foto in bianco e nero, la tromba di Chet Baker, le dune di Dakar, una serata speciale sotto la pioggia sottile di Parigi In un gioco di immagini, associazioni e rimandi Fran oise H ritier compone una riflessione sull essenza della vita, che insieme esperimento letterario e inno d a per la quotidianit.

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    1. Françoise Héritier says:

      Françoise Héritier Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Il sale della vita book, this is one of the most wanted Françoise Héritier author readers around the world.

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    1. B.R.A.CE. 2017 ένα βιβλίο που γράφτηκε από έναν συγγραφέα πάνω από 60Θα είμαι ειλικρινής, όταν αγόραζα το βιβλίο αυτό (on line) νόμιζα ότι ήταν μια ιστορία. Αυτό το βιβλίο, με έναυσμα μια φράση, είναι μια λίστα με όλες τις στιγμές που μπορούν να είναι "το αλάτι της ζωής". Στιγμές που προσφ [...]

    2. Ό,τι πιο αισιοδοξω εχω διαβασει σε λιγες σελιδες!!!το ομορφοτερο διαλειμμα στην δουλεια!!!

    3. People who like this sort of thing will love it - I liked it very much, though I don't generally care for this sort of thing at all. A bestseller in France under the title "Le Sel de la Vie," it is a paratactic list of wonderful ordinary things that are superb - my favorite is "just having time for a mouthful of cocktail." One problem is that some of the things she likes don't sound very nice to me any more. One great thing is that she announces at the outset that she's not going to put on her l [...]

    4. I needed something short and lovely to ease me back into my reading schedule after a very intense month of college, and this little book (essay? prose poem? letter?) fulfilled that purpose quite beautifully. It was lent to me months ago and subsequently lost and forgotten in a pile of much larger books marked 'to read'. It is difficult to describe the experience of absorbing Françoise Héritier's enchanting memories in list form. Some of her experiences are so universally relatable to me, and o [...]

    5. 3.5 aurait été plus juste.Des petits souvenirs lancés en vrac et qui ont alimenté ma machine à souvenirs."Il s'agit tout simplement de la manière de faire de chaque épisode de sa vie un trésor de beauté et de grâce où l'on peut se ressourcer chaque jourEt surtout, dites-vous bien que rien de tout cela ne pourra jamais vous être enlevé".Enumération de sensations intenses où l'odeur de la cannelle est sur le même pied qu'une rencontre avec les grands intellos de ce monde.Quelle vie [...]

    6. Une vraie petite douceur, ce livre nous greffe un léger sourire du début à la fin. On soupire des "oh oui, c'est si vrai" de nombreuses fois, acquiesçant avec ces jolies choses qui composent notre quotidien, et que l'on ne remarque parfois pas.Parfait pour les jours gris ou maussades, ce livre est à lire, relire et offrir.

    7. A few pleasurable passages, but I cannot relate mostly to the many experiences she mentions. Which, of course, means our lives are different. I liked the afterword more than the lists. (PS I felt sad upon learning that the author died just a few months ago.)

    8. Ενα μικρο βιβλιο γεμάτο μικρές χαρές που δίνουν μεγάλο νόημα στη ζωή μας.

    9. This rating/review is based on an ARC I picked up at work.I picked this up off the ARC shelf, thinking it might be a pleasant light read with a bit of brains. It is basically a list of things that are nice and sweet, with zero narrative thrust and only a handful of complete sentences. The back cover said it is an essay, which is absolutely untrue. Which is not to say it's unpleasant; but after the first couple pages of reading someone else's list of things that are lovely, it gets tiring. It als [...]

    10. To be honest, I had no idea what the book is about before I started reading. having finished the book, I must admit it is fascinating. I don't normally read this kind of books, preferring business books for goodness sake :) I have to say it brings a smile or a happy memory each time I return to the book. such is the power of a sweet memory. we need to do more of it for sure in order to remember life is worty living, or better still, life is made up of memories, both good and bad. another thought [...]

    11. I definitely loved this! Don't get me wrong about that. I love the idea of listing every little thing of joy and what not, that makes life what it is, and makes it worth it, makes us who we are. But at the same time, the writing style, of continuously listing things for pages and pages onwards, did get annoying for me. But it's a very lovely, little book, to pick up whenever you're feeling very happy about life or maybe even when you need to remember why you should. It got me in a good mood when [...]

    12. Pathos, sehr viel Pathos. Alltäglichkeiten. Dopplungen. Kindheitserinnerungen. Dopplungen. Hauptsache Kleinigkeiten aufzählen. Viel essen. Noch mehr Frankreich in den Himmel loben. Das Ganze etwas nervig finden. Schon nach den ersten 10 Seiten (ja, ja!). 2/5

    13. Εκπληκτικό! Διαβάζεται με μια ανάσα. Αν και πρόκειται για την λίστα του αλατιού της ζωής κάποιου άλλου, σου δείχνει πως να εκτιμάς τα μικρά πράγματα στην ζωή και να μην τα προσπερνάς Προσοχή ομως στο πολύ αλάτι :)

    14. The cover says it's an essay but it's definitely not it: this book is a list. Yes, a (somewhat long) list. And tbh, i'm quite surprised it even became a book at all.I mean, it's not an unpleasant list - it's full of itens that are supposed to be little things that we sometimes take for granted but that, on the author's opinion, are what actually give life flavour -, nor an unpleasant read, for that matter, but it's toocking, i guess, for me to rec it to anyone.Surely that are better books about [...]

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    16. Jolie lecture qui ramène à l'esprit toutes sortes de gestes quotidiens, certains oubliés. Au début, l'énumération est fastidieuse, mais je me suis laissée prendre au jeu.

    17. Ένα καταπληκτικό βιβλιαράκι για τα μικρά αλλά σημαντικά της ζωής.“Ποιος είναι ο «εαυτός» μας πέρα από τους προσδιορισμούς που μας αποδίδουν, πέρα από την εξωτερική εμφάνιση, το χαρακτήρα σε γενικές γραμμές, τις σχέσεις, τις προσωπικές και επαγγελματικές ασχολίες, τους οικ [...]

    18. Although sometimes limited by the narrowness of her particular experience (born prior to WWII, French, academic, well-traveled, ethnographer) Françoise Héritier has achieved a great deal in this slim volume. She simultaneously captures the philosophical sweep of Proust, and the loving attention to the particular of Neruda, in a way which has lead many to refer to this series of, ostensibly, stream-of-consciousness journal entries as a "prose poem." I especially appreciate the way she challenge [...]

    19. What makes us who we are? And how much of that is based on the moments that make life "sweet?" This short book explores these two questions in the form of a list -- a list of those experiences in life where we feel. It's not an exhaustive list, but takes the reader through a variety of feelings associated with different moments. Some of these are universal, and others are very specific. I was reminded of times when I was happy, sad, content, and entertained. I re-experienced sights, sounds, tast [...]

    20. This is a lovely little book listing all the sensual pleasures the writer can remember experiencing in her life. "This book is a plea for us to recognize not simply the small, artless influence of childhood but the whole complex affective domain that forms and continues to form us, sensitive beings that we are. A plea for us not to be simply obsessed by targets--careers to be created, enterprises to be undertaken, profits to be secured--while losing sight of the I who entered the arena in the fi [...]

    21. This is a First Reads Win - Thank you, thank you, thank you!Do you like to imagine, daydream, fantasize?Do you like to read curled up during a rain storm or snow storm?Are you looking for a "stocking stuffer" for a gift? (actually, it would only fit in a very stretched out stocking)This is the book for you or perhaps, yoursI wanted to race through this and then I realized I could savor each parcel such as and now let your mind open"finishing a big jigsaw puzzle, drinking in the words of someone [...]

    22. This lovely little book might be a bit difficult to describe as a memoir, but it's under that category that I started reading it. A grand 98 pages long with big letters, it invites a quick read. It also is made up of little sentence-moments, in which the little pieces come together to paint an intimate and life-affirming view of Francoise Heritier.An inspiring take on how to look at the little things of life that make up the big picture, and therefore take them with such gravity and importance a [...]

    23. now this is just a book listing the good things in lifei mean it's nice and funny and yes sweet because it just makes you think of all the things you have to be grateful for in your life. the simple pleasures whether it's a hug or someone making you a cup of tea or getting a seat on the train or reading a book whatever it is, thes eare the little things which make life worth living. these are the little things we must remember in moments of sadness. it's about the good things and memories and ye [...]

    24. This is a strange but wonderful book, made up of a list regular things that happen to everyone on any given day. It's almost a poem, an ode to all the little things that we might look over but truly add up to be the sweetness of life.This book is absolutely charming and, for my brain at least, very visual. I read some item on her list and find myself daydreaming of doing just that. I'm not sure everyone will would find it so interactive, but it certainly was for me.

    25. I couldn't take the ongoing, sometimes seeming never ending list of things the author thought was nice about life. I think it is something good to have around so when you are in a bad mood you could read a few pages to remind you to focus on the small daily blessings we over look but other than that I am not a big fan.

    26. Um livro que revela a simplicidade das situações cotidianas e como podemos compreender melhor o nosso "eu" interior. Tudo bem que a autora utiliza de suas aventuras para escrever os exemplos, mas, são esses que ativam a nossa memória e nos levam ao nosso passado de aventuras e de como somos desatentos aos pequenos detalhes maravilhosos que acontecem ao longo de nossas vidas.

    27. La capacità di prendersi il gusto delle cose, ogni giorno. Le nostre giornate sono molto più ricche di come le crediamo.questo libro può aprirei gli occhiarda, osserva, ascolta, tocca, assapora, annusa."il gusto del creare".Si legge tutto d'un fiato

    28. Fantastico! Lo leggi tutto d'un fiato e ti riprometti di rileggerlo ogni volta che ti viene in mente che la tua vita fa schifo. Perchè in fondo non è così, perché nella tua vita come in quella di tutti gli altri ci sono mille cose belle "il sale della vita".

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