Night s Master In those days the Earth was not a sphere and the demons dwelled in vast magical caverns beneath it s surface Wondrous cities dotted the land and strange peoples and fabulous beasts prowled the deserts

  • Title: Night's Master
  • Author: Tanith Lee
  • ISBN: 9780879974145
  • Page: 409
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In those days the Earth was not a sphere and the demons dwelled in vast magical caverns beneath it s surface Wondrous cities dotted the land and strange peoples and fabulous beasts prowled the deserts and jungles of the world Supreme among those mighty demons was Azhrarn, NIGHT S MASTER He it was whose pranks made nightmares on Earth, who brought desire and danger to thIn those days the Earth was not a sphere and the demons dwelled in vast magical caverns beneath it s surface Wondrous cities dotted the land and strange peoples and fabulous beasts prowled the deserts and jungles of the world Supreme among those mighty demons was Azhrarn, NIGHT S MASTER He it was whose pranks made nightmares on Earth, who brought desire and danger to those it amused him to visit and who could grant wonders and create horrors unspeakable.

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    1. Tanith Lee says:

      Tanith Lee was a British writer of science fiction, horror, and fantasy She was the author of 77 novels, 14 collections, and almost 300 short stories She also wrote four radio plays broadcast by the BBC and two scripts for the UK, science fiction, cult television series Blake s 7 Before becoming a full time writer, Lee worked as a file clerk, an assistant librarian, a shop assistant, and a waitress Her first short story, Eustace, was published in 1968, and her first novel for children The Dragon Hoard was published in 1971 Her career took off in 1975 with the acceptance by Daw Books USA of her adult fantasy epic The Birthgrave for publication as a mass market paperback, and Lee has since maintained a prolific output in popular genre writing.Lee twice won the World Fantasy Award once in 1983 for best short fiction for The Gorgon and again in 1984 for best short fiction for Elle Est Trois La Mort She has been a Guest of Honour at numerous science fiction and fantasy conventions including the Boskone XVIII in Boston, USA in 1981, the 1984 World Fantasy Convention in Ottawa, Canada, and Orbital 2008 the British National Science Fiction convention Eastercon held in London, England in March 2008 In 2009 she was awarded the prestigious title of Grand Master of Horror.Lee was the daughter of two ballroom dancers, Bernard and Hylda Lee Despite a persistent rumour, she was not the daughter of the actor Bernard Lee who played M in the James Bond series of films of the 1960s Tanith Lee married author and artist John Kaiine in 1992.

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    1. 4.5 starsORIGINALLY POSTED AT Fantasy Literature.Long ago, the earth was flat. Humans lived on its surface while the benevolent gods who created them lived in the heavens. Regretting that they had made man, the gods ignored their creation and held themselves aloof while the sorcerous demons that lived in the glowing gem-encrusted city under the earth were permitted to use humans as they wished. Being at the whim of cruel and impulsive demons made these times terrifying for humans. Eventually hat [...]

    2. 4.0 stars. A beautifully written, original fantasy story that reads like mythology. The main character, Azhrarn, is the Prince of Demons. Azhrarn is extremely powerful and spends his time amusing himself, mostly by tormenting humans and creating mischief. As the story progresses through a series of interlinked tales, we see Azhrarn transform from malevolent trickster to Christ-like savior and then back again. A very good book and certainly an excellent choice if you are looking for sonething a l [...]

    3. I've re-read this book several times and I feel so few people know about it - so why not recommend it. Warning: this will be a very subjective review, because it's one of my favorite books - if not THE favorite book.I happened to come across it only a year or two ago, as I heard of Tanith Lee and wanted to try her writing. I was not disappointed.The book is made of stories, which are interconnected. The prose is the first thing you will fall in love with - it's rich, fluent, so very vibrant that [...]

    4. At first this book seemed very strange to me. At the end I was hooked ! What a great book, the author has a beautiful imagination and is great at telling stories, this isn't a lengthy very descriptive novel but it is fantastic the way the author writes is like a poem. Loved it will keep reading these strange books and will be reading the authors other works :)

    5. I have always been a huge fan of fantasy, and this author has been on my to-be-read list for ages. I've seen her name enough to realize her books should be a staple for fantasy lovers, and now I understand why. I was swept away while reading, into a land of mythical proportions. Each tale is its own separate entity, but they are woven together with fine threads interconnecting them in slight but important ways. The language used was masterful, descriptions written in almost over-the-top, fancifu [...]

    6. Once in a very great while, we encounter a perfect book. Tanith Lee's NIGHT'S MASTER is just such a work. I won't say "I wish I could give it ten stars" because in truth, Lee's collection of interwoven short stories rises well above the conventional star system. Flat Earth is a place where imagination is completely set free. Engaging, passionate, sensual, and cruel; with surprising and fulfilling moments of true heroism. Told with prose that reads like poetry. I could keep raving about it, but r [...]

    7. Readers insisting upon a strong central plot and defined set of characters will find little to enjoy here. Lee draws from fairy tale and mythology for a drifting, dreamlike experience where each "book" (Light Underground, Tricksters, and The World's Lure) is independent aside from theme, and each of which is subdivided further, into "parts" and chapters. The time table is that of demons, especially the demon lord Azhrarn, and an ephemeral mortal existence can easily fit into a single chapter. So [...]

    8. This is one of the best fantasy books ever, and a book I've reread countless times. The amazing thing about Tanith Lee's language is how rich it is, and paradoxically, how spare. There's not a single wasted word. The sexuality in this book is groundbreaking, especially in the way it's integrated within the story and the mythos. This is a profoundly queer story in which sexuality and gender cannot be taken for granted (although gender really gets messed with more in the later Flat Earth books). I [...]

    9. Prior to discovering this book I'd never read anything by Tanith Lee, though I'd heard her name a number of times. When I read about her recent passing on Facebook, I decided it was time to finally see what she was all about.There were a number of things that made me select Night's Master as my first jump into Lee's writing: the book's World Fantasy Award nomination; the length (only about 250 pages? Sign me up!); and the description indicating the book was written in the manner of the Arabian [...]

    10. This was the first Tanith Lee I ever read. I used to have the SFBC omnibus editions (which I got by accident--forgot to send the reply card back in time--and decided to keep) and read the first three books of the set. I liked them a bit, but had a hard time getting into the mythical style of narration. The Flat Earth books are collections of interconnected myths, legends, or fairy tales if you will, where magic is wondrous and not subject to laws, even fantastical ones. If a demon wants to grow [...]

    11. First in the Tales of the Flat Earth series, this book is often compared to the 1001 Arabian Nights. While a collection of exotic stories, each linked to its predecessor, the stories are not nested and don't have a particularly Arabian flavor. I was reminded more of classical mythology and Grimm's fairy tales than the Middle East. This is a minor quibble, however, as the stories are enchanting and lush."Lush" has always been the best word to describe Tanith Lee's melancholic and erotically-tinge [...]

    12. I read this book as a teenager - my first Tanith Lee I never looked back. I now have a shelf full of Lee.

    13. mythological tale of a flat earth and Azhrarn Prince of Demons, one of the Lords of Darkness, for whom the human population are a plaything to tormentmoves through several stories where innocence is perverted, greed and fear are exploited, and individuals suffer for the entertainment of the demonthese tales and the language are reminiscent of fables, but without an underlying moral for humanity(view spoiler)[realisation for the demon is that humanity and his persecution of them are all that give [...]

    14. A series of folktales chained together by overlapping events and a central figure: Azhrarn, prince of demons and the night. It requires an overarching plot in order to transition from interlinked stories to a novel; there's just enough of one, but it's backloaded and doesn't do as much with the book's themes as I'd like. Trauma is portrayed as a cycle of violence wherein victims become monsters and, therefore, perpetrators; Azhrarn's overarching story ties in to this, but fails to directly confr [...]

    15. Night's Master is a beautifully written, unusual novel: it spans centuries and consists of a variety of tales following several different characters, though they are all connected in that the titular Prince of Demons plays a role in all of them. It's not flawless, but I loved it and want to read more Tales from the Flat Earth.My Rating: 8.5/10Full Review on My Site

    16. If you enjoy your Dark Lord to be dripping with velvety charm and the perfume of jasmine and nightshade, then Night Master's Tales may be the book for you. The stories are all touched by the prince of irresistible darkness (or so he would like to believe), and one tale weaves into another in a most natural way. For instance, one story is of a demon forging jewelry out of a maiden's tears. The next story is about a man that flawless piece of jewelry causing havoc in the world. The following story [...]

    17. "Secondo la mia natura, non amo facilmente ma, una volta dato, il mio amore è sicuro. Solo, ricordati di questo: se mai ti dimostrerai mio nemico, la tua vita avrà lo stesso valore della polvere e della sabbia nel vento. Perché quello che un Demone ama e poi perde, egli lo distrugge [].", AzhrarnIl libro con cui ho scoperto Tanith Lee, non affatto banale, per niente scontato, un mondo che c'è tutto in tradizioni dimenticate e riproposto in modo accattivante e coinvolgente, con un linguaggio [...]

    18. god i tried i really did both like in the name of my Craft and also for the sake of my own need to hurt myself or whatever i didnt even get to the racist bits i got through the first collections and the night master is also apparently a predatory bisexual which was Delightful let me tell you. like a true wonder to behold. also they are very much in the style of fables except fables have points and unless your point is 'dont be kidnapped as a baby or fall in love with the devil' which i guess COU [...]

    19. Beautiful and dark, bitter and sweet, attractive and addictive. A lover's kiss of passion on your lips.

    20. Sometimes as an adult you end up re-reading things you read as a teenager and realize that maybe it wasn't as good as you thought it was.

    21. When I was a teenager reading ALL the fantasy novels written by women I could find I managed to miss reading Tanith Lee. I stopped reading fantasy for a lot of years but when she passed away last year so many people were saying how brilliant her books were I decided I needed to try them. I found this one, and several others for sale in the Qunito's basement sale a couple weeks ago and I'm SO glad I did.This book was WONDERFUL! It has a very similar style to Lord Dunsany and William Morris, it ha [...]

    22. This has long been a book that has both influenced how I write and how I approach and view the writing of others.Short, it is effectively a collection of linked fantastical fairy-tales, set in an other worldy place not so removed from our own. With intense and yet somehow sparse prose, the stories are beautifully written, and in the tradition of fairytales they deliver a heady mix of the cruelty and bliss both, playful and brutal in equal measures. Lee’s prose is full of dark beauty, distincti [...]

    23. I have to begin by confessing that Tanith Lee is probably my number one favorite author. Having said that it doesn’t mean that she can do no wrong in my eyes, and having said that, this is not one of those times - in other words, Night’s Master is awesome! I read this book for the first time in my early 20’s rereading it this time around was like the first time all over again. What an exotic, phantasmagorical, luscious trip this string of stories is. In the style of 1001 Arabian Nights we [...]

    24. "One night, Azhrarn Prince of Demons, one of the Lords of Darkness, took on him, for amusement, the shape of a great black eagle. East and West he flew, beating with his vast wings, north and south, to the four edges of the world, for in those days the earth was flat and floated on the ocean of chaos. He watched the lighted processions of men crawling by below with lamps as small as sparks, and the breakers of the sea bursting into white blossoms on the rocky shores. He crosses, with a contemptu [...]

    25. I really liked this book. It is a collection of stories that could standalone if not for the fact that each one "plants the seed" for the next one. The stories are told in the style of folk tales and the setting is the magical and ancient Flat Earth.In all of these intertwined tales, we get to know more about Azhrarn, a beautiful demon Lord who is quite mercurial And he a very interesting character as well: in some aspects he is what you'd expect but in others not at all.Since this is not horror [...]

    26. So I finished Night’s Master the first book in Tanith Lee’s Flat Earth series recently. The ending really left me feeling satisfied and rewarded. I actually feel better about this book than I did when I first read it now that I can see how all of the pieces fit together and trust me they do fit together perfectly like the pieces of a puzzle. With her elegant prose Tanith Lee spins a tapestry of stories that reads more like mythology than a traditional fantasy novel and where the time frame s [...]

    27. 5 stars for Book I: Light Underground.I absolutely loved it! In fact, just read the first 51 pages if you want a teaser. The rest the novel drifted back to 4 stars for me.One of a kind, this introduction to Tales from the Flat Earth was really interesting. The stories are loosely interconnected and the book could easily be read in one night, or in several separate short readings (as I did). The stories surrounding the Dark Lord, Azhrarn, and Flat Earth are clever and full of magic and mischief, [...]

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